Amana Central AC Reviews, Prices and Buying Guide

When consumers are trying to choose which central air conditioner that they want to purchase, it can be challenging. There are many brands, models and types available in the market with their unique features and various prices. It is important to know first the needs of consumers as well as the budget. Talking about a well-known Brand, take a look at Amana Central Conditioner.

Amana is a well-known brand of home appliances and HVAC system since 1934. Amana is the first brand who make cold storage locker, side by side refrigerator and portable countertop microwave oven. This brand is categorized as the standard brands which mean Amana Central AC Prices is in the mid or moderate level and it has around 15-18 years durability. Amana can be compared to other brands such as Heil, ComfortMaker, Tempstar, Daikin, Luxaire and York.

Amana Central AC Reviews from the consumers are mostly good. Thanks to the wide range of air conditioners which make the consumers can have more selection with different specification. The brand also gives the consumers the high efficiency, reliability without they need to spend lots of money. Amana is popular not only for the residential central air conditioner but also for commercial use.

Amana Central Air Conditioner Features

There are several unique features that Amana central air conditioner offers to the consumers. Amana ensures the consumers to get the highest efficiency from the AC unit. Highest energy efficiency means that the consumers can save more money on the utility bills. Therefore, Amana air conditioners offer higher efficiency rating up to 24.5 SEER from their top-line model, AVXC20.

The second-best model of Amana Air Conditioner, AVXC18 offers energy efficiency rating up to 19.00 SEER. Even though the initial cost of higher SEER is also higher but having an air conditioner with higher SEER rating will help the consumers to reduce the utility bill in the long term.

If we compare to another brand with a similar quality such as Goodman, Goodman central air conditioner offers the SEER rating up to 18.00 SEER while Amana has one model with a SEER rating up to 24.5 SEER. This makes a difference in the efficiency level of these two brands. Even though Goodman price is lower than Amana, however, the higher efficiency is a good investment to save more money on the energy cost.

Amana offers advanced communication technology called the ComfortNet. The ComfortNet is designed to offer maximum capabilities that the consumers can control and monitor using a stylist LCD touch-screen display. This advanced communicating system is much better compared to the non-programmable thermostat.

One of the important factors that make consumers purchasing a central air conditioner is the noise level produced when the unit is operated. No one wants to have a noisy air conditioner which could disturb their sleep or give less comfort to the homeowners.

With Amana central air conditioner, the homeowners will not need to worry about the noise since this brand is well known with little or almost no noise at all during operation. Amana central air conditioner unit uses a sound-reducing cover as well the top of the air conditioner is designed to control the sound made from the unit itself.

Another factor that becomes one of the most considerations when consumers purchasing a central air conditioner is moisture performance. A good quality air conditioner has the main job not only to cool the room but also to take control of the humidity.

Amana central air conditioner has several moisture levels depends on the unit capacity. To choose the right air conditioner moisture performance, the consumers need to consider the size of the room that needs to be cooled.

Model Reviews and Recommendations

Amana central air conditioner is available in wide selections of models, from variable to single-stage compressor with higher to lower SEER.

Amana AVXC20

The top-line model of Amana central air conditioner is Amana AVXC20. Amana AVXC20 has energy efficiency rating up to 24.5 SEER with variable compressor and variable-speed condenser fan motor. This model is supported by a communicating and diagnostics system.

Amana AVXC18

Amana AVXC18 has a two-stage compressor with the two-speed condenser fan motor. This unit has an energy efficiency rating up to 19.00 SEER, it is supported with communicating and diagnostic system. Amana AVXC16 has energy efficiency rating up to 16.00 SEER, has a two-stage compressor, two-speed condenser fan motor, communicating system and diagnostics.

Amana ASX16

Next model is Amana ASX16 which has the energy efficiency rating up to 16.00 SEER, a single-stage compressor, one-speed condenser fan motor. Amana ASX14 has an energy efficiency rating up to 15.00 SEER, a single-stage compressor, and one-speed condenser fan motor.

Amana ANX14

Amana ANX14 has an energy efficiency rating up to 14.00 SEER, a single-stage compressor, and one-speed condenser fan motor. Both Amana ASX13 and ANX13 have a single-stage compressor and one-speed condenser fan motor. Only three models from Amana; AVXC20, AVXC18 and AVXC16 which have communicating and diagnostics system. The other models haven’t supported these features.

Talking about the best recommendation from Amana Brand, Amana AVXC20 is the best so far among other models. The variable-capacity system comes from Daikin, which is the parent 亚洲中文高清有码在线 of Amana/ Daikin has been well known internationally for producing inverter technology in the HVAC industry.

Most Amana central air conditioner models have Copeland compressor ComfortAlert diagnostics except Amana ANX13 and ANX13. Having ComfortAlert diagnostics will make the homeowners easier to know if there is an issue because the system will provide error codes if any issue appears. It will also help the technician to know the problems and they can re-set the unit or fix the issue faster than the manual system.

If you are searching which best Amana models that are cost-effective for you, as mentioned above if you choose the unit with higher SEER it will help to save the energy savings. Choosing a unit with lower SEER probably is cheaper, but it will not cut the utility bills as the unit with a higher SEER. It is recommended for you to discuss with a professional contractor which models that will be suitable for your needs.

Amana Central Air Conditioner Prices by Model

Amana central air conditioner prices are varied depending on the model. More complete features and higher SEER rating means the price will be higher. However, the highest price of Amana central air conditioner unit is still affordable compared to premium brands.

Below are the prices of each model which already include the outdoor condenser (2.5-ton), air handler (1,300 – 1,400 CFM) and air conditioner thermostat. The price range is from lowest to highest.

Amana AC Models SEER Unit Only Unit + Installation?
Amana ANX13 14 US$ 1,290 US$ 3,510
Amana ASX13 14 US$ 1,390 US$ 3,830
Amana ANX14 15 US$ 1,490 US$ 3,950
Amana ASX14 15 US$ 1,590 US$ 4,100
Amana ASX16 16 US$ 1,850 US$ 4,750
Amana ASXC16 16 US$ 2,005 US$ 4,905
Amana ASXC18 19 US$ 2,480 US$ 5,420
Amana AVXC20 24.5 US$ 2,850 US$ 6,250

If you are wondering why the installation price can cost more than the unit, it is because there are several factors in the installation such as the planning and preparation, the cost of the labour as well the additional equipment needed during installation.

The quality of installation is taking the most important part of having a central air conditioner unit to run as it should be. Poor quality installation can cause the unit doesn’t give the best performance as well it can affect the durability of the unit. It will make the homeowners need to spend more money for reparation or even to replace with a new unit.

It is recommended for the consumers to ask at least three quotations of HVAC contractors before making the decision. Don’t get tempted with a lower price of an HVAC contractor if it means that you need to sacrifice the quality of the installation. Check if the contractor is licensed and insured. Also, you can check the reviews from other consumers before you decide.

Amana Central AC Prices by Unit Size

After you decide which model of Amana central air conditioner that you will purchase, the next step is to know the right size of the air conditioner unit that you will need. To get the right unit size, it will need to be done by a professional HVAC contractor.

An HVAC contractor will need to do a calculation with “Manual J” system. The factors that will determine the proper size unit will be the location of your house, total insulation in the house, types of the windows as well the directions since it is related with sunlight, how many occupants usually in the house and more.

Another factor will also be the size of the house that needs to be cooled. Bigger size means bigger unit size that is needed. The size of the central air conditioner unit will be from 1.5-ton up to 5-ton. If your house size is 600 – 1000 square feet, 1.5-ton air conditioner unit will be enough, however, if you have a bigger house with 1,001 – 1,300 square feet, then you will need to have a 2-ton AC unit size.

Wrong choosing of central air conditioner unit can affect the performance of the unit itself. For example, if you choose a smaller unit size than it should be, the AC will not be able to make the entire room cool. Choosing a bigger unit size than it should mean an unnecessary higher initial cost.

Below prices are based on size unit which includes Amana 16 SEER 2.5-ton outdoor condenser, air handler (1,300 – 1,400 CFM) and thermostat.

Unit Size Unit Only Unit + Installation
1.5 ton (600-1000 sf) US$ 1,345 US$ 3,595
2 ton (1001-1300 sf) US$ 1,490 US$ 3,790
2.5 ton (1301-1600 sf) US$ 1,690 US$ 3,970
3 ton (1601-1900 sf) US$ 1,890 US$ 4,150
3.5 ton (1901-2200 sf) US$ 2,045 US$ 4,445
4 ton (2201-2600 sf) US$ 2,200 US$ 4,720
5 ton (2601-3200 sf) ?US$ 2,790 US$ 5,730