American Standard AC Prices, Reviews and Buying Guide

When a consumer wants to buy a new central air conditioner for a new house or to replace the old one, sometimes to select the perfect central air conditioner that will suitable for the budget and need is quite difficult. Especially because there are many brands and models or types available in the market. if you are looking for a new central air conditioner, take a look at American Standard.

American Standard Central Conditioner is categorized as a premium brand which has the same class compared to Carrier and Bryant, Trane and Lennox. American Standard Central AC prices are higher compared to standard or budget brands, but it has more lifespan for about 18-25 years.

Therefore, if you consider buying American Standard AC, below is the detail information on its unique features, pros and cons, models analysis and what best for you, as well the prices based on models and sizes.

American Standard Central Air Conditioner Features, Pros & Cons

There are three unique features of American Standard Central Air Conditioner which are worth to mentioned and make this brand is recommended to buy. First, the energy efficiency that American Standard Central Air Conditioner offers to the consumer.

When talking about the energy efficiency rating or SEER rating, American Standard is in the third position among other AC brands. Thanks to its unique feature, AccuComfort technology which provides the best efficiency by making the compressor to adjust and achieve in short period compared to the traditional compressor which usually only can be turned on or off, or the current compressor which usually only have in three options: little, high or off.

One of the pros of American Standard ACs is the ability to operate at an adjustable level in a certain climate condition. This feature will make this unit can cut more electricity cash in the long term. Moreover, this feature allows the unit to adjust the thermostat setting in a half-degree which is rarely found in other brands.

Second, American Standard AC has its system for electrical control which helps to provide digital efficiency and accuracy by controlling entire functions of the unit. The AC also has troubleshooting devices which are inbuilt in the unit to help the system to run correctly.

Third, this is also an important factor to choose a perfect air conditioner. No one wants to have a noisy AC that will disturb the comfort.

Therefore, American Standard Air Conditioners offer AeroQuiet II System which is its sound control that could provide the maximum comfort to the house owner. The sound level of American Standard Air Conditioners could go as low as 70 decibels, which is very quiet and will not bother you or neighbours when it is operated.

American Standard air conditioners have many good reviews both from contractors and consumers. From the contractors’ side, this brand is already established, and you could choose from various models with different specifications depends on what you need. American Standard is cheaper from Trane even though it is from the same 亚洲中文高清有码在线. It is also easy to purchase the unit. You can buy it online and choose a contractor or you can purchase it from your selected contractor.

From the consumers’ side, American Standard is very reliable in giving the best performance, high quality and durability. Many homeowners already have the system installed for a long time and it doesn’t have any major issue, even there is a homeowner who mentioned that the unit doesn’t have any single repair after two years installation. Others also praise how noiseless the unit when it is operated.

However, wrong or poor installation could lead to any kind of brand to run not as effective as it should be. Few consumers reported that there are some problems such as the need to change the compressor even it just being installed for two years.

Another problem occurred when the spare parts are needed time to find it thus delaying the reparation. Therefore, it is important to have a qualified technician when installing an HVAC system.

Model Reviews and Recommendations

American Standard has three series available in the market: Platinum, Gold and Silver. Platinum is the top-line series consists of two models; Platinum 20 and Platinum 18. Platinum 20 is claimed to be the most efficient air conditioner among other models since it offers up to 21.00 SEER rating.

This model is also already in variable speed or multi-stage cooling units. This model is also one of the quietest AC when it is operated which could be 4decibels lower than its competitor. This model is energy star qualified.

Platinum 18 also has a variable compressor or multi-stage cooling units. It is also supported with AccuComfort technology and it has efficiency rating up to 18.5 SEER. Platinum 18 also has the same level of quietest AC like Platinum 20 which is 4 decibels lower compared to its competitor.

The second series from American Standard is the Gold Series which consists of two models: Gold 17 and Gold 16. Gold 17 has a two-stage compressor called two-step Duration? compressor and the efficiency rating is up to 18 SEER. It is energy star qualified and it could decrease up to 56% of the energy use. Gold 17 is supported with American Standard communicating system.

Gold 16 is the basic model from Gold series which has a single-stage compressor and efficiency rating up to 17.00 SEER. Unfortunately, this unit hasn’t been supported with the communicating system as we can find in Gold 17.

The lowest categories which are also budget-friendly is the Silver series. Silver Series has three models: Silver 14, Silver 13 and Silver SI. Silver 14 has a single-stage compressor with an efficiency rating up to 16 SEER. Silver 13 has a single-stage compressor and up to 14.75 SEER. Silver SI has also a single-stage compressor and up to 13.25 SEER. These three models don’t have a communicating system.

Platinum series is the recommended model to purchase since it has a variable speed, energy star qualified, communicating system and has up to 21 SEER rating. Even though this series costs more than Gold or Silver series, but talking about the great performance, complete feature and how it could have more energy cost, this series is worth the price.

If you are looking for an air conditioner which could give you the most energy savings in the future, always go for the unit which has a higher SEER rating. If you are more budget-conscious, take a look at Gold series, since it also gives the great performance but cost less than Platinum series.

American Standard Central AC Prices by Model

The prices for American Standard Central Air Conditioners are varied depends on the models of the unit. Platinum series has the highest price among other models. The unit only for Platinum 20 is US$ 2,450 or US$ 6,400 if it is with the installation. Platinum 18 costs US$ 1,980 for unit only or US$ 5,820 completed with the installation. Even though Platinum series has the highest price, but it has the most completed feature and higher SEER rating.

The system only for Gold 17 is US$ 1,705 or US$ 5,405 if it is with the installation.

Price for Silver 16 is US$ 1,650 for unit only and US$ 4,950 for unit and installation.

Silver 14 costs US$ 1,460 for system only and if it’s with completed installation, it costs US$ 4,300.

Silver 13 costs US$ 1,370 for system only or US$ 3,850 if it’s with the completed installation.

All prices above already include an outdoor condenser with the size 2.5-ton, air handler (1300 – 1400 cfm) and AC thermostat that is programmable.

Please see the table below for the summary of prices above. We make the table from the lowest to the highest price

American Standard Models Unit Only Unit + Installation
Silver 13 US$ 1,370 ?US$ 3,850
Silver 14 US$ 1,460 US$ 4,300
Silver 16 US$ 1,650 US$ 4,950
Gold 17 US$ 1,705 US$ 5,405
Platinum 18 US$ 1,980 ?US$ 5,820
Platinum 20 US$ 2,450 US$ 6,400

To get the proper warranty for the AC unit that you purchase, make sure that you register the warranty during a certain period that the 亚洲中文高清有码在线 have provided. You can check this information on American standard website. If you forget to register the warranty, you will have a downgraded warranty and it will cost you more money when there are some issues and some spare parts need to be changed.

American Standard Central AC Prices by Unit Size

To know which size of air conditioner that is needed for your house, usually an HVAC contractor will need to do “Manual J” calculation to measure the perfect size. Many factors could affect on the size of the central air conditioner such as the house location, what kinds of windows types that the house has and the directions of the house towards the sunlight, the insulation in the house, how many people living in the house and many more.

The range of AC unit usually is from 1.5 ton to 5 ton. If you have a smaller house with the size from 600 – 1,000 square feet, you will need 1.5-ton AC unit size. If you have a bigger house, for example with the size from 2,601 – 3,200 square feet, you will need 5-ton AC unit size.

Below the table is the price from smallest to the biggest size. Each unit has 2.5-ton outdoor condenser with 16 SEER, air handler (1300 – 1400 CFM) and thermostat.

American Standard AC Unit Size Unit Only Unit + Installation
1.5 ton (600-1000 sf) US$ 1,145 US$ 3,495
2 ton (1001-1300 sf) US$ 1,290 US$ 3,690
2.5 ton (1301-1600 sf) US$ 1,490 US$ 3,870
3 ton (1601-1900 sf) US$ 1,690 US$ 3,990
3.5 ton (1901-2200 sf) US$ 1,845 US$ 4,345
4 ton (2201-2600 sf) US$ 2,000 US$ 4,620
5 ton (2601-3200 sf) US$ 2,590 US$ 5,630

If you are wondering why the installation of AC unit costs more than the unit itself, please keep in mind that the installation will include also planning, labour costs, and any additional equipment that is needed.

It is recommended for the consumer to get at least three quotations from different contractor to compare the price. However, don’t use a low-quality contractor since it could affect the performance of the unit itself.