Armstrong Air Conditioner Reviews And Buying Guide

Customer is king. This phrase is still valid until today. It basically means that sales should give their best service to buyers. They should try to find best offer for customers. Now what if buyers don’t even know what to look for from a product? Comparing product’s features on the shop should be the last scene seen.

First consideration before buying air conditioner is its features. You must prefer some offers from manufacturer with great reputation. One of them is Armstrong Central Conditioner. Being in HVAC business since 1928, Armstrong Company knows how to maintain fair price while keeping up with latest technology in the market. No wonder, many customers give positive feedback on its product.

Some people describe Armstrong Central AC Prices as something “too good to be true”. HVAC products take pride of their features. It is almost like a race of newest technology investment. Armstrong seems uninterested to win top place. However, they keep introducing upgraded version of their product. In the end, people come and take a closer look.

No matter how great a product, their durability, effectiveness and power could only be proven after years. If you read some Armstrong Central AC Reviews, there will be few bad comments. These customers mostly hire wrogn contractor, so the unit is not installed properly.

Armstrong Central Air Conditioner Features

Integrated Compressor Protection

You often heard about highly efficient product that could maintain stable temperature. What about a product that could protect its internal system? Armstrong is the first to introduce such concept. It is called Integrated Compressor Protection. There us high and low pressure in all Armstrong products.

High pressure will be activated when the pressure of refrigerant almost surpass safe level. It is when AC unit is overheated or work too hard. On the other hand, low pressure switch will stop machine from working when there is no refrigerant left. Keep running the AC unit will draw in moisture and other foreign matter. They might harm parts of internal system.

MHTTM Technology

In AC unit, fan plays big role. Armstrong has specific design for its products. It is called MHTTM technology. It helps to run fan in most efficient manner. This system allows sufficient air to be pulled through coil surface. If you look closely, this surface has rifled tubing. It directs air flow inside.

There is another hand loop on the system. This loop has laced fin which delay air flow for milliseconds. As the result, air will have longer 亚洲中文高清有码在线 with metal in the system. All of these processes are combined together and boost efficiency level as well as AC unit performance.

High SEER Energy Efficiency

One of the features any brand would always mention is SEER. Basically, higher SEER means better performance and less energy consumption. Latest technology has up to 21 energy rating. Armstrong doesn’t reach this level yet. Even so, their top line product has 18 SEER label. Compared to the other products from Armstrong, 18 SEER AC model has higher price.

Latest technology is not always the best option for your house. Consider a lot of things before buying AC unit. Armstrong offers different range of SEER. Lower line models have 13 SEER. The others are varied from 13 to 16 SEER.

Communicating Technology

Many other brands also offer communication technology. What makes item from Armstrong different? Several other brands make their communication board as tool to maintain temperature level only. Machine should work as efficient as possible to meet the temperature standard. In some cases, AC unit must take more energy.

Armstrong sets their product in different level. It works to maintain temperature and also protects the parts inside the unit. This way, Armstrong product could last longer and give best performance. While installing it, buyers might be offered to take Comfort Sync Thermostat as well. Combining these two systems will ensure early warning on fault system for both owners and contractors.

Model Reviews and Recommendations

Armstrong 4SCU20LX

Let’s start from best offer from Armstrong. Some reviews mention that this model could give perfect temperature control in the house. There is no “too cold” or “too hot” complaint. For this reason, 4SCU20LX is perfect choice for summer or winter. Also, compared to standard air conditioner, Armstrong unit could save 50% energy.

Have you heard about remote control for AC unit? Armstrong product offers this benefit for buyers. There is a system called comfort sync. House owners could install an app on their smart phone and easily set the temperature remotely. Don’t worry about noise pollution; 4SCU20LX only produces 72 dB sounds.

Armstrong 4SCU18LS

For cooling system, some models from Armstrong use two stage systems. On stable temperature, it will turn on lower energy machine. When temperature rises or drops, the machine will switch to maximum power system. 4SCU18LS is an example that uses two stage systems. It has 18 SEER, still perfect for energy saving lovers.

Your love for simplicity must be another reason to buy this unit. A communication system is installed inside this model. Once you activate it, just check on board regularly. Maintenance schedule or any error detection will be presented to you. Isn’t that great?

Armstrong 4SCU16LS

If you need more recommendation on another two stage cooling system, 4SCU16LS should be the one. Compared to its brother, there are only two differences. First, 4SCU16LS offers 16 SEER instead of 18. There will be no big gap in terms of performance and efficiency. However, it comes in cheaper price.

Second, buyers will get a slightly noisy sound. While doing hard work, 4SCU16LS produces 75 dB sounds. Again, this should not be a big problem unless house owners are very sensitive to any sound. This model is also equipped with communication system. It is possible to pair with another diagnostic tool.

Armstrong 4SCU14LB

How well the low tier model from Armstrong work? Surprisingly, this model is too good to ignore. Imagine getting 14 SEER units for under $1500! It would be fantastic to be able to save more on energy bills and initial price. Instead of forcing two stages machine, manufacturer gets single stage fan in this model. There will be only one power setting.

Just like any single stage AC unit, there must be quite loud noise coming from the machine. Luckily, Armstrong unit still produce average noise, not louder than other competitors’ model. Be careful with maintenance though. There is no communication system, so buyers should do regular checking.

Armstrong Central Air Conditioner Prices By Model

Be honest, you must look at price tag no matter how great the features are. It is a normal tendency from buyers with limited budget. To help you decide, don’t forget to apply conditions. For example, you could compare their price after including 2.5 ton outdoor condenser, 1300 CFM air handler and programmable AC thermostat.

Armstrong 4SCU20LX, It would be a lie if customers say they don’t desire 4SCU20LX first. This is the best and most upgraded model from Armstrong. Don’t be confused with two prices on the tag. One is for unit only and another is all in package. If you choose unit only, you are responsible for shipping and installation costs.

Price per 4SCU20LX unit is $2050. Remember that bad installation will cut probably half of products’ life expectancy. Thus, it is recommended to take all in product. This package includes installation cost as well. Total bill will show $4560.

Armstrong 4SCU16LS, Starting from this model on, buyers could expect to get affordable price. 4SCU16LS is almost as strong as 4SCU20LX, but it is sold at relatively low price. For unit only, buyers should pay $1380. Then, it is up to buyers to pick shipping method and contractors to do installation job.

What if buyers don’t have any contractor recommendation? It is okay. There is a complete installation package you can buy for $3780. After paying, you could go home and wait for contractors to come. They will bring 4SCU16LS to your house and do all the work. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Armstrong 4SCU14LB, Do you urgently need AC unit but in tight budget? Be happy as Armstrong offer all in package for under $3500. You won’t spend hours trying to call and compare contractors. They would come to your house instead. To be exact, you will pay around $3250 only. Those who really have limited budget might take unit only. It is only $1050 per piece.

Armstrong Central AC Prices by Unit Size

Buyers will see several models while buying AC unit. Each of them has different features. In addition to this variation, buyers should also learn about AC unit size. Every model is available on different size, ranging from 1,5 to 5 ton. Which one is the most suitable on your house?

1,5 Ton

Smallest unit size is 1,5 ton. Be careful though. Never buy it just because this size has cheapest price. Size affects how AC unit could cool down the rooms. 1,5 ton could cover 600 to 1000 square feet area. If your house is bigger than that, then try other sizes.

If you want to buy system only, then it is less than $1000! 1,5 ton unit price is $945. Complete package for installation will cost three times higher; around $3000 per unit.

2,5 Ton

Once again, AC unit size should match area size. It is not recommended to get bigger or smaller size. AC unit will either make too hot or too cold temperature. If you live in 1302 to 1600 square feet area, then this size is for you. Enjoy comfortable temperature and many other great benefits.

Purchasing one unit only will cost around $1190. Keep in mind that this price is not including installation yet. Make sure to have at least one contractor 亚洲中文高清有码在线 in hand. Buying unit plus installation package is recommended. However, you might need more time to save money. It cost $3300 per unit.

3,5 Ton

Big house deserves decent size to get even temperature. 3.5 ton unit will be perfect choice for those who live in 1901 to 2200 square feet area. You might be suggested to install bigger size under special conditions. Otherwise, this size is strong enough. Unit only will cost you $1545. Add installation costs and the total will be $3825