Best Window Air Conditioner Reviews And Buying Guide

Summer can be the best season you can think of if you have a good air conditioner. But, installing central air conditioning can be a bit too much. Plus, it can be a waste if you only rent the home. The best solution for you is to install window air conditioner. This air conditioner unit is very convenient because it is easy to install and easy to remove. However, it is quite difficult to choose the best window air conditioner for you. Don’t worry, these window air conditioner reviews will give you honest reviews of window AC units in the market.

Choosing the best window air conditioner can be a little bit tricky because there are lots of models from different brands you can choose from. All of them have different sizes and only some have the ability to save your energy bills. A small window AC won’t cool a bigger room quickly and it will likely to struggle, while a big window AC will cool a small room to quick and it will leave the room too damp. Choosing the wrong window AC can be such a waste, but through these reviews, you can know how to choose the one based on your needs.

Window AC vs Central AC: When Window Units are a Better Choice

Before installing your own window AC, you might think about whether it is a better choice for you compared to installing central AC unit. Although both of them have a similar purpose which is to cool down your room, there will be a time when you just need to install window AC rather than central AC.

Central AC will be suitable if you need to cool down the entire home and the central AC will keep the temperature of the home consistent. Because it is centralized, you just need to adjust the thermostat and it will cool down the entire home. However, central AC also has its downsides. The unit itself is more expensive than window AC and it will cost you more for the installation. You cannot insist on installing central AC when your home is not usually hot or warm in summer because it will waste your energy bills.

If your home is not always hot during summer, installing window AC will be a great choice. The window AC won’t cool down the entire area of your home so that you can install the unit in a room you usually use. Installing window AC will also good if your house is small or if you live in an apartment or renting the house when installing central AC is not possible.

The window AC unit is relatively cheaper than the central AC so that it can be a great alternative if you have a budget lower than $5,000. The premium window AC unit can cost you $1,000 while the installation can range from $1,000 to $1,500 which is a lot cheaper than the central AC. The installation for the window AC won’t last for several days while the central AC does so that it can be a great alternative is you want to cool down your room as soon as possible.

Window AC Pros and Cons

Window AC can be a great alternative for you, but before you buy one, you need to know its pros and cons.

Pros – The Best Choice for Small Homes

If you are living in a relatively small home, window AC unit can be the best choice because they can provide enough cooling you need. Or, you can also use window AC in a room you use the most and don’t need to cool down the entire home.

Pros – Energy-effective

Cooling down the entire house can be a waste if the family members only occupy some rooms. Using central AC can be such a waste because it will cost you for the energy you don’t even use. Installing window AC will only cool down the room it is installed and the result will be fewer energy bills.

Pros – Cheaper Unit

There are typically three types of window AC, the smaller one, medium one, and a large one. Although they have different sizes, the cost is a lot cheaper than central AC.

Pros – Cheaper Installation Fee

Some window AC don’t have installation unit and you can always install the window AC yourself, while some others only charge you around $5,00 at maximum depending on the configuration and the unit sizes.

Pros – Cheaper WordStrment Fee

Replacing central AC can be a pain because it can cost you a lot, especially if the unit doesn’t have the warranty. But, the replacement fee for window AC will be a lot cheaper.

Cons – Less Effective

Window AC cannot properly cool the room and it leaves some spots of the room hot when the AC is turned on.

Cons – Inconvenient

It is quite difficult to move window AC and it can be a lot harder because you need to store the unit during winter and fall.

What Size Window AC do I Need

One of the most essential things you need to consider when choosing window AC is the right size based on the room you need to cool. Don’t worry, here are some things you can do to determine the right window AC size for you.

Know the Size of the Room

To know the size of the window AC you need, you need to know the size of the room you want to put the unit. You need to be aware that the unit that is too big for the room will make the room too cold and it won’t remove the humidity, while the unit that is too small will be ineffective to cool down the room. To know the right size of the window AC unit, measure the length and the width of the room using a tape measure.

Choose the Cooling Capacity of the Window AC

After you have known the size of the room, you need to figure out the cooling capacity of the window AC. It is quite easy to determine it because you just need to see the cart of BTU or British Thermal Unit measurement for the AC below.

– 100 to 150 square feet will need 5,000 BTU.

– 150 to 250 square feet will need 6,000 BTU.

– 250 to 300 square feet will need 7,000 BTU.

– 300 to 350 square feet will need 8,000 BTU.

– 350 to 400 square feet will need 9,000 BTU.

– 400 to 450 square feet will need 10,000 BTU.

– 450 to 550 square feet will need 12,000 BTU.

– 550 to 700 square feet will need 14,000 BTU.

– 700 to 1,000 square feet will need 18,000 BTU.

– 1,000 to 1,200 square feet will need 21,000 BTU.

– 1,200 to 1,400 square feet will need 23,000 BTU.

How to Buy the Right Window AC

Other than considering the size of the room where the window AC will be installed and its BTU, the following are several things you need to consider to buy the right one for you.


Each window AC has its own features, but having good features doesn’t necessarily suitable for you. The more the features it has, the more expensive the unit. If you can opt-out some features you don’t need, you will have a cheaper window AC. The Wi-Fi operation for example. It is a good feature that lets you control the unit while you are outside. But, if you don’t really need it, choosing the one with timer is good enough and it will be a lot cheaper.


The fan is one of the common features you can find from window AC. There are basically three different fan setting, such as low, medium, and high setting. However, some units also add auto fan speed setting to adjust the room temperature automatically. The fan of some units will become noise when it is activated on high-speed setting and some others have swivel fan arms that will cool the entire room.


The most important thing you cannot forget when choosing window AC. Some units have longer warranties while others don’t. Before you buy your own window AC, you need to check the warranty both from the official website and from your retailer. It is very important to read the warranty policy carefully because it will affect the repair and replace cost if the unit is broken.

Tips to Reduce Energy Cost

The first way to reduce the energy cost is to choose the efficient window AC. But, it won’t always help you reduce the energy cost. Worry not, here are some ways you can do.

Regular Maintenance

One of the factors that make the energy cost higher is because the window AC works hard. It is likely to happen when the air filter is not clean, blocked drains, or other common problems. To prevent it to happen, you need to keep a regular maintenance schedule. The professional maintenance will make the unit works efficiently. Make sure you hire a professional service at least once a year to help you lower the energy bills.

Set the Temperature High

To reduce the energy bills, you need to always set the temperature of the window AC high. It is because the lower temperature will make you pay more energy bills. It is recommended to set the temperature for at least 26 degrees or at least 10 degrees higher than the temperature you set. It will still make you cool and it will save up to 20% energy bills.

Block the Sunshine

The window AC unit is the best thing you can have during the hottest day of summer. But, it will work harder if you turn on the unit while opening the curtains and the blinds, and it will also result in higher energy bills. Before you turn the unit, make sure you block all the sunshine in the room to make the unit produces better cooling.

Top Window Air Conditioner Brands Reviews

LG Window Air Conditioners

One of the most well-known window air conditioner brands is LG. This brand actually makes lots of products and window air conditioner is one of them. Currently, there are more than 20 different AC unit from this brand and each of them has its own strong points. Although they have made different ranges of window AC, this brand still updating their products with lots of interesting features.

The previous products of this brand mostly have precise temperature reading, balanced cooling, 4-way air deflection, multi-speed fans, and 24-hour timers. Some of its products also introduce LG SmartThinQ technology which allows you to control the AC unit everywhere and anytime, including changing the mode, setting the temperature, and starting and stopping cooling. It is a great alternative because you can control the AC unit on your way home and you can feel cool when you have arrived home.

Another thing that makes LG proud of its products is the design of the AC unit. The design is stylish, but it won’t disturb the overall design of the room. The operation of the AC unit is also made as quiet as possible so that it won’t annoy you or make you awake at night.


Frigidaire is one of the most reliable brands in the US. It is recorded having the least service calls compared to other brands. It also means that this brand offers you great quality products with great materials and up-to-date features. Up to this day, this brand has invented more than 60 window AC units, from the most basic one to the most advanced one.

This brand is popular for its old-school knob control. Although it is quite old, the AC units have a lower price compared to the digital models. The AC units have quite similar speed controlling, from low, medium, and high cooling speed. Most of the old-school models have basic features while the digital ones have more complete features. The units have the old-touch that some of you might like, plus it is quite cheap and affordable in terms of window AC.

This brand also offers you to try out the current technology by making some of the products with Wi-Fi control feature. This feature lets you control your AC unit everywhere and anytime using your smartphones by downloading the Frigidaire app. Plus, those AC units also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa that will let you to control the AC using voice command.


If you are looking for a window AC which has great design and great quality materials, Friedrich is the answer. Compared to its competitors, you can get the best AC unit with current features, more efficient, and less noise level. However, the window AC units from this brand are quite pricey because it is one of the high-end brands on the market.

This brand introduces two different window AC series, the Kühl series, and Friedrich Chill. The Kühl series is the high-end AC series which has high-end features as well. The features of this series including large unit which is the largest compared to other brands, heat pump, and electric space heaters, Wi-Fi operations, wireless thermostat, high-end carbon filters, and heavy-duty materials.

Compared to the Kühl series, the Friedrich Chill series is cheaper because it is advertised as the residential line. There are two different models of this series, Chill model and Chill+ model. Although it is not as premium as the Kühl series, this Chill series still have great features you can enjoy, such as flexible installation, slide-out chassis, electric space heaters, R32 refrigerant, and other standard features, including 3-fan speed, digital remote, 24-hours timer, 4-way airflow, and auto restart.


Another best brand for window AC is General Electric or GE. This brand has produced lots of home appliances, but now only 4 models are produced. The brand wants to focus more on the features of the window AC so that only the premium models are introduced. The four models are a part of a single series, which is GE AEE series. However, the series only covers four sizes, such as 8,000 BTUs; 12,000 BTUs; 18,000 BTUs; and 24,000 BTUs.

Although they have limited sizes, they have some important features that you can get from the window AC units. All of the models have an electric space heater which is very important to provide heat in warm climates. You don’t need to worry when you purchase the window AC because they are all equipped with timers that allow you to reduce the energy use and it will result to lower energy bills.

Not only equipped with timers, but the units are also equipped with slide-out chassis which makes them easy to install and to service. The units also have remote control, but the absence of the Wi-Fi connection makes them fall behind other brands. Some of the current features are also missing from the units.


Haier is another window AC brand which is quite popular among homeowners. Compared to other brands, this brand doesn’t offer you with a great range of window AC sizes, but most of the models have Energy Star certified. Currently, this brand only introduces 17 window AC models. Although it has limited models, this brand still has great features that you might like.

If you are looking for window AC units which have a timer feature, this brand is a good choice because it has 24-hour timers for some models. The timers allow you to set the window AC on and off at a certain time. It is a great deal if you want to save more energy and cut some energy bills. Some window AC units also have Wi-Fi feature that allows you to control and monitor the units straight from your smartphone. This feature will come in handy if you want to set the window AC units everywhere and anytime.

Although the window AC units from this brand are quite a catch, the units lack the most important features which are inverter compressor and R32 refrigerant, unlike other brands. Those two features make the window AC units produce better cooling while at the same time saving the energy.


One of the latest window AC unit you might be interested in is the one from Noria. The window AC is scheduled to come in early 2019 and it is included as one of the premium window AC. However, the launch of the product has been delayed and it results in a change of name of this brand into Kapsul Air. Among its products, the window AC that has 5,000 BTU is firstly introduced.

Compared to other brands, the model has a compact design with 7.3”x20”x22” dimensions. The compact size will make you in love because it will be easier to store and it won’t disturb your view. This window AC also has the elegant design you might not expect from any window AC.

The window AC unit also comes with the latest features, such as Wi-Fi control and newest refrigerant. The Wi-Fi control lets you adjust and monitor only by using your smartphone. Plus, the unit is also integrated with Google Assistant, the cloud, and Alexa for easier control. No wonder, this window AC unit is called as the smartest window AC currently in the market. The window AC unit also uses R410A refrigerant which prevents global warming and preserving more energy.

Best Window Air Conditioners

Frigidaire FGRQ – Quietest Window AC

If you are looking for the quietest window AC, this Frigidaire FGRQ is the best choice for you. The series has two different sizes you can choose, such as 6,000 BTU for 250 square feet room and 8,000 BTU for 350 square feet room. The window AC units have modern designs that will blend easily with the entire room theme. The models also use advanced louvers that make the room cooler quickly because it sends the air in a circular motion. The same units from different brands have louder noise while these models don’t. That’s why many homeowners love this window AC because they won’t be disturbed during sleep.

Other than those features, this model also comes with energy saver mode and sleep mode. These two features will control the fan and compressor so that the unit will produce better cooling while at the same time reducing the energy cost. Not only reducing the energy cost, the features also beneficial for the environment because the unit produces less toxic. No wonder, this model has Energy Star certified which makes it worth to choose. The unit also comes with remote control to enable you to change the 3 different fan speeds available easily.

LG LW1817IVSM Series – The Most Efficient Window AC

The most efficient window AC you can ask for is probably this LG LW1817IVSM series. This window AC series is fully operated with Wi-Fi connection accessible for any smartphone. Not only using smartphones, but you can also control and monitor your window AC with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant using voice command. All you need to do is to download SmartThinkQ app from your smartphone and you can directly turn your window AC on or off and change the temperature.

If you are looking for a window AC with quiet operation, this LG LW1817IVSM can also be the solution. The unit only has 44dB sound level which is quite low compared to other brands. The unit uses DUAL inverter compressor and BLDC motor which eliminate the noise and make the quietest operation possible. The DUAL inverter compressor also takes part in cooling the entire room. Its adjust the temperature and maintains it which will cut the energy consumption up to 25% and help you get fewer energy bills at the end of the month. However, this series also has its own downsides. The unit is considered heavy because it weighs 98 pounds and it makes it hard to move the unit easily.

LG LW 17IVSM – Greenest Window AC

LG LW 17IVSM is the greenest window AC because it reduces carbon emissions and energy use that not all window AC from other brands can do. Thanks to R32 refrigerant, this unit has the lowest global warming potential. This R32 refrigerant is definitely the best refrigerant used in the window AC because it is not only environment-friendly, but it is also energy efficient. As a result, this window AC unit can save the energy up to 25% which is lower than the Energy Star standard.

Although it produces less energy, this unit still gives you fast cooling because it uses specialized compressor and twin rotors. The DUAL inverter technology will cool the entire area with minimal noise and less energy usage. This unit has 22,000 BTU capacity and it is suitable for 1100 to 1300 square feet rooms. This unit comes with five different cooling options, such as sleep mode, energy saver, high, mid, and low. This unit also has timers which let you turn this unit on or off at a certain time. No wonder, lots of homeowners choose this window AC unit for their bedrooms because the operation won’t disturb them in their sleep and it is quite easy to install even by yourself.

Frigidaire FFRA Series – Best Features Window AC

Choosing the best window AC brand will be incomplete if you choose the one with fewer features. This window AC has 10,000 BTU size that will cool up a room up to 450 square feet. This window AC comes with remote control that will let you adjust it easily. This AC unit has a basic feature, which is the on and off timer. The on and off timer will come in handy when you often forget to turn off the AC at a certain time.

Other than this basic feature, this AC unit also comes with other features, such as energy saver mode, auto cool, sleep mode, exhaust control, washable mesh filter, filter check alert, fresh air vent, and 8-way air direction. Those additional features here will result in faster cooling while at the same time help you to reduce the energy bills and because of it, this AC unit has Energy Star certified. Frigidaire FFRA series also has an air ionizer that will prevent the unit to catch the pollen and dirt from the air, and it will result in better room air. The feature also helps the unit to reduce the noise so that you won’t be disturbed.

Frigidaire FFRS – Best Vertical Window AC

Frigidaire FFRS is specially designed for sliding window and casement window, note that this window AC is not suitable for standard window. If you are looking for the best series with the top best vertical window AC, Frigidaire FFRS series will be the answer. This window AC series comes in 10,000 BTU that will cover 450 square feet room. This window AC unit comes with a remote control that makes it easier to adjust the AC unit. There are lots of basic features you can get from this AC unit, such as auto cool mode, sleep mode, timer, and energy-saving mode. That’s why this window AC unit has Energy Star certified.

Not only comes with basic features, this unit also comes with additional features, such as four-way cooling direction and reusable filters. Both of these features will prevent foul odors and it will cool the room faster. Another extra feature that you can get from this window AC unit is dehumidifier that removes 3.4 pints of fluids from the air per hour. This number is quite amusing because other brands have less dehumidifier ability than this window AC unit. However, this unit doesn’t have a constant drain option which makes it unable to drain the excess water from the dehumidifying process.

Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E – Most Compact/Smallest Window AC

Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E is one of the most compact window AC for your house. This AC unit has 5,000 BTU suitable for 150 square feet room. It is the best choice is you want to cool a single room while saving money for the unit. This model is probably the best among other brands within the same category. It is quite compact so that you won’t waste any more space on your window. This unit has 12 inches height, 16 inches width, and 15 ? inches depth. Other models usually more expensive and they don’t really have a good warranty, unlike Frigidaire. Instead of wasting your money over similar window AC, this Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E is the best choice.

This window AC has a vintage touch with the mechanical control located at the bottom left side of the unit. The absence the remote control makes this window AC unit difficult to adjust while other brands with the same category have greater features than this unit. Not only doesn’t have the remote control, this window AC unit also lacks some features, like sleeping mode and energy saver mode. Although it doesn’t have those great features, this AC unit is worth choosing if you need to cool a small room.

Friedrich Kuhl Y Series – Best Window AC with Heat Pump

Friedrich Kuhl Y series is an Energy Star certified window AC. This AC unit has 12,000 BTU capacity that is suitable to cool around 550 square feet room. This window AC lets you install it in your window or through the wall. It is made possible because the unit itself is made from premium materials that makes it able to last longer. The AC unit also has fully enclosed fan that prevents the unit to trap dirt from the air and it results in cleaner air in the room.

It is quite easy to operate this window AC because you can download the FriedrichLink app on your smartphone or tablet. Through this app, you can schedule for up to 7-day programs and you can customize 4 different settings for each day. The key feature of this window AC is its Reverse Cycle Heat Pump which traps the heat on the room and transfers it outside and vice versa. This feature will save more energy compared to electric space heating. Another great thing you cannot forget about this window AC unit is that it comes with six different colors, such as designer white, deep red, classic beige, cobalt blue, pink diamond, and black onyx.

Haier QHV – Best Value Window AC

Haier QHV is a perfect window AC for smaller spaces because this unit only has 5,000 BTU capacity that will cool 150 square feet room. This window AC unit doesn’t have four-way louvers but only two-way air direction that prevents you to adjust the AC to cool down the room, but it is perfect because it is designed to cool only a small space. If you are looking for the most affordable window AC, this Haier QHV is the answer.

This window AC can also be the best answer for you if you are living in a humid area because this AC unit can remove around 1.6 pints of fluids from the air. It is quite good when you are running the dehumidifying feature as it can help you remove the moisture on the room.

This window AC is quite affordable, but it has lots of great features like other expensive brands. Other than the dehumidifying feature, this unit also has energy-saver more and sleep mode that will lower your monthly energy bills. However, this window AC doesn’t have auto-restart mode which makes you lose the last setting when the unit is turned off. The AC unit also has a quiet operation with only 49dB sound produced.

Friedrich Chill EP – Best Window AC with Space Heating

Friedrich Chill EP is one of the premium window AC you can choose. This series comes with 12,000 BTU capacity that is suitable to cool 550 square feet room and it can be installed on the window or through wall. The window AC comes with basic features, such as remote control, 3 cooling speed, and timer. Besides those basic features, this window AC also have additional features that make it the best window AC. Compared to another window AC, this unit comes with Continuous Auto Air Sweep Louvers that will provide constant air distribution so that no space in the room will be left hot.

The window AC also has a dehumidified feature that will absorb extra moisture on the room and the unit can remove up to 3.4 pints of fluids in the air. For those who are sensitive to noise, this window AC will do a perfect job with its ultra-quiet operation that makes you unaware when this window AC is working. This Energy Star rated window AC also uses electric resistance heating that can be used as additional heat for the room. It will come in handy when there is a room in the house with less heat from the furnace.