Carrier Central Air Conditioner Buying Guide – Prices & Reviews

In this modern era, owning an air conditioner is no longer viewed as a luxury, especially when you live in an area with uncertain weather. An air conditioner and a gas furnace have become a necessity in your house in order to provide the comfort you need. Not only providing comfort, an air conditioner in this modern era has provided more than just comfort. From all air conditioner brands in the market, one brand that is worth to look is definitely Carrier central air conditioner.

Many air conditioner brands compete to each other to be the best brand by providing numerous features to attract customers. Speaking about attracting customers, Carrier central AC has been doing well since it was founded. Not only that this brand has been delivering service since decades ago, Carrier central AC prices are always affordable for the customers.

One of the ways they improve their service is by adding more and more features to their products. Carrier Central AC as one of the top rated names is consistently providing many more features based on what the customers need. From the basic features to the advanced features, customers can choose what they need for their house. Here are some more details about Carrier central AC reviews.

Carrier Air Conditioner Features Analysis

Nowadays, you can find dozens of air conditioner brands advertising their product with its newest features. Talking about features, Carrier provides many features that you hardly refuse. You may not find these features in any other air conditioner brands since they are Carrier’s trademark. Here are some exceptional features that you can find in Carrier products.

Factory Authorized Installers

This is arguably the number one feature that put Carrier above any other top rated air conditioner brands. The unit installation is just as critical as the product itself. If you own the product but it does not work properly because it was installed wrong than what is it for? In this case, Carrier products required factory authorized installers. That is why, not anyone can install them since not all technicians are authorized installers.

All the technicians of Carrier are certified by the North American Technician Excellence or they usually call it NATE. This is kind of certification that many professionals technicians do not have because in order to be able to be certified, Carrier have provided an extensive training for their technicians. This is something that any other air conditioner brands may not have.

Copeland Compressors

There are many kinds of compressors that an air conditioner brands can choose to apply to their product. From all kinds of compressors, Copeland is arguably considered as a top rated brand of compressor. No wonder if this compressor is widely used in the air conditioner industry. Its performance and reliability has spoken itself. Carrier is one of many brands that also apply this compressor too.

Copeland comes with single-stage compressor, two-stage compressor and also variable-capacity compressor. This is not surprising that this kind of compressor is rated highly not only by air conditioner owners but also from technicians as well. These compressor things also explain why there are some brands that are identical with Carrier. The compressor’s performance and reliability is the answer.

Carrier Thermostat

This feature is possibly you will only get when you own a Carrier product. As one of the top rated air conditioner brands, Carrier comes with four grades of thermostat. Each grade delivers different kind of performance, based on the Carrier products they are installed on. The grade starts from COR, as the highest, Infinity, Performance and Comfort.
It is worth to note that low grade thermostat does not indicate that it will perform badly. The grade is normally determined by the types of product they fit in and they will only work effectively and efficiently if they are installed in the right product.

COR Home Automation

As the highest grade of thermostat, COR is not only just a thermostat. This feature can work as home automation system that operates using mobile app and COR hub. Just like any of smart home system, the system is mainly operating to control cameras, door locks, lighting, Z-wave modules and any other security features.

Carrier Air Conditioner Model Analysis and Recommendations

Although Carrier is well known as a top rated air conditioner brands, there are always any models of types that are recommended or people like to buy. Surely, there are any reasons why those models are chosen by owners. Not only about the compressor which was already mentioned above, owners also like to consider the SEER rating.

If in a gas furnace you have AFUE number, in air conditioner you have SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratiorating). The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the air conditioner will be. Normally, modern air conditioners record the SEER range from 13 to 21. Here are some of the recommended Carrier models.

  • Carrier Infinity 20 24VNA0 applies variable compressor with 20,5 SEER rating and 58 decibels.
  • Carrier Infinity 21 24ANB1 applies two-stage compressor with 21 SEER rating and 65 decibels.
  • Carrier Infinity 19VS 24VNA9 applies five-stage compressor with 19 SEER rating and 56 decibels.
  • Carrier Infinity 17 24ANB7 applies two-stage compressor with 17 SEER rating and 67 decibels.
  • Carrier Infinity 16 24ANB6 applies single-stage compressor with 16 SEER rating and 66 decibels.
  • Carrier Performance 17 24ACB7 applies two-stage compressor with 17 SEER rating and 72 decibels.
  • Carrier Performance 16 24APB6 applies single-stage compressor with 17 SEER rating and 72 decibels.
  • Carrier Performance 16 24ACC6 applies single-stage compressor with 16 SEER rating and 72 decibels.
  • Carrier Performance 14 Compact 24AHA4 applies single-stage compressor with 14 SEER rating and 68 decibels.
  • Carrier Performance 13 24ACB3 applies single-stage compressor with 13 SEER rating and 74 decibels.

If you still have no clue about what Carrier models that will suit your house, here some recommendations from some owners who have experienced this air conditioner products. These products have special features that may suit your circumstances.

  • Infinity 20 with Greenspeed Intelligence

This model the right model for you if you are looking for top rated Carrier air conditioner. Although Carrier has got records compared to any other brands, it is a bit surprising that the Infinity 20 model is the only variable-capacity air conditioner from Carrier.

However, this particular Carrier model is still superior compared to any other variable-capacity air conditioner from any other brands. That is why Infinity 20 models are recommended for users who are willing to afford more to pay a variable-capacity air conditioner with proven result.

  • The Performance 17, The Infinity 17, and The Infinity 21

These models above are two-staged air conditioners. These models are capable to operate at 100% when the air conditioning demand is on high level, while they will operate at 70% when the air conditioning demand is moderate to low.

These models have good dehumidification, though not as decent as the variable or five-staged models. This kind of air conditioning work rate is recommended for customers who are looking for affordable air conditioner with friendly budget but still delivers good values.

Carrier Air Conditioner Prices By Model

After you know what models that Carrier provides, you must be looking for the price tags. There are two prices you will see; the price for the system only and the price for the system installation. The system installation prices may look more costly than you think, but it is suggested to have your Carrier AC installed by the well trained Carrier technicians.

Carrier Infinity GreenSpeed 24VNA0 with 20.5 SEER

Let’s start from the top of the list. This Infinity GreenSpeed 24VNA0 model is definitely the best Carrier AC product you can purchase. This model may not have the highest number of SEER, but without any doubt this model provides all Carrier features that you can get.

For the system only, this Infinity GreenSpeed 24VNA0 model is priced at $4.430 and it will raise up to $9.350 if you add the system installation cost. A reasonable cost, considering this is the best Carrier AC product and will be installed by properly trained Carrier technicians as well.

Carrier Comfort 24ABB3 with 13 SEER

In case you are looking for the low budget air conditioner with good values, there is no better option than this Comfort 24ABB3 model. Even at the lowest price, Carrier still delivers its best. This model may only 13 SEER number, which the lowest, but Comfort 24ABB3 model comes with many features as well.

The cost for the system only is $1.595. If you include the system installation, the price will raise not more than $4.700. Totally worth the price when you consider what will you get from this affordable yet reliable Carrier very product.

Carrier AC Prices By Size

Not only about features, the other thing you need to consider before purchasing an air conditioner is your house size. It is very important that you know the exact size of your house, so that you can choose the best air conditioner model for your house. Here are some Carrier AC prices determined by their size.

600 to 1.000 square feet

If you own a house with this size range, it is recommended for you to go for an air conditioner with 1,5 ton size. The price for the system only will be around $1.735 and will raise to $4.870 when you include the system installation cost.

1.300 to 1.600 square feet

If your house is sized around 1.300 to 1.600 square feet, the proper size for your air conditioner will be 2,5 ton. For this size, the system price will be around $1.930 and $5.540 if you include the system installation cost.

1.900 to 2.200 square feet

The proper air conditioner size for houses with this range size is 3,5 ton. The price for its system only is around $2.250 and will raise up to $6.165 when you include the system installation cost.

2.600 to 3.200 square feet

Then if you own a house with this range size, there is no better option for you than any air conditioners with 5 ton size. For the system only, the air conditioner is priced at $2.790. If you include the system installation cost as well, it will add up to $7.250.

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