Top 6 Casement/Vertical Window Air Conditioner Reviews

In this modern era, there are many kinds of air conditioning devices you can install to your house. Whether you want to warm or cool the air, the options are widely available in the market, especially if you are looking for any air conditioner. There will be so many types and models you can find based on what you really need. From all of the types, casement and vertical window AC is booming lately.

It is understood that casement and vertical window ACs are invented as alternatives to the old model or conventional air conditioner types. This new types of air conditioner will give more freedom to the owners since they do not have to be installed as high as conventional air conditioners do. As long as you have proper sized window, you can install any types, even the best casement window air conditioners.

Speaking about the best, casement window air conditioners also provide as advanced as the conventional air conditioners features. Basically, they provide the same advanced technology; only that casement air conditioners are made to be installed on windows. To answer your curiosity, here are some casement window AC reviews you can look at as reference.

What is Casement Window Air Conditioners

Some people are still not clear about what actually a casement window air conditioner is. To begin with, there is only one type of window air conditioner, but people like to call them in two different ways; casement and vertical. Both names are made for windows, but there is more than one type of window. Basically, any units can be called by various names.

Casement and sliding or gliding window AC is referring to the types of window that they can be fit to, while the vertical window AC is normally used because the shape tends to be taller compared to its width shape. However, some owners also call it horizontal window AC since the windows it fits onto are opened horizontally rather than vertically, similar with a double hung window type. To give clearer insight, here are the top casement and vertical window air conditioners available in the market.

Casement/Sliding Window Air Conditioner Reviews

#1. Frigidaire FFRS0822S1

On the first of the list, there is Frigidaire FFRS0822S1 series. If you have a room with 450 square feet size, this series is the best option in the market. Applying standard 115 volt electric outlet, this casement window provide at least 3,4 pints per hour dehumidification. This casement window AC is specifically designed for either sliding window installation or casement window installation, installation kit separated.

However, Frigidaire FFRS0822S1 is not really suitable for standard window installation. Providing 10.000 Btu, this casement window AC records up to 10,4 EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio). As we know, 10,4 EER rating for that amount of Btu is highly efficient, without any doubt. This casement window AC also supports multi speed electronic controls for 24 hours. However, you can fully control it using remote control or simply set the on or off timer.

Frigidaire FFRS0822S1 series also provides three advanced modes that modern casement window ACs have; sleep mode, energy saver mode and auto cool mode. Not to mention that its mesh filter is supported by check filter alert and totally washable. This casement window AC height is ranged from 21,5 inch to 40 inch maximum, and 15,5 inch wide.


– Provides all features required for more convenient atmosphere and makes room feel more comfortable.

– Rated positively from users, around 73% to 77%.

– Its narrow size will not need much space in your room.


– Its energy saver mode may reduce the cooling ability, but that is expectable.

– To deal with that, you may need to replace the foam with plexiglass supplied in filling the gap between the top of your window and the top of AC.

– The expected negative ratings are around 12% to 14%.

– Frigidaire may need to do better packaging since many of the units are arrived being dented.

– However, nothing major aspect from the cons list

#2. Arctic King 8000 BTU

Although it comes with 8.000 Btu, this Arctic King series is perfectly known for cooling rooms with 250 square feet size. This unit comes with many features such as 2 fan speeds, auto restart function, power supply shutdown, “Follow Me” mode, 24-hour on/off timer, and a portable remote control to operate all of the features.

Considering the 8.000 Btu power this unit has, this Arctic King series is arguably ensures you quiet with lower noise level compared to any other similar Arctic King series, giving you more comfortable operation. In the “Follow Me” mode, you can decide how much cooling your room needs; determine the temperature when it comes out. This 115 volt unit comes with 14 inch long, 13,6 inch wide and 27,7 inch high.


– Although it only serves for maximum 250 square feet sized room, this Arctic King model is Energy Star certified.

– This Arctic King model is a compact window air conditioner.

– The positive ratings for this unit are around 80%.


– Besides all the positivity, this Arctic King series does not provide any timer.

– Its double-speed fan sometimes still produce minor noises when cooling down.

– Although this unit looks marrow, it actually weighs more than you think; mostly more than any slider window ACs and a little bit wider than any other AC with 8.000 Btu.

#3. Koldfront CAC8000W

Koldfront CAC8000W is the best option for you if your room is sized from 300 square feet to 350 square feet maximum. Its 8.000 Btu power will do more than enough to cool rooms with that range size. With the Energy Efficiency Ratio that reaches up to 11,0, you do not have to ask about whether this product is Energy Star certified or not because with that high EER rating, it clearly is.

Talking about features, you do not have to worry since this model supports any features that modern air conditioners provide. From its digital display, you will be able to operate LCDI 5-15P plugged type, 3 full speed fans, sleep mode, and dehumidifier using a remote control with 16 feet range. All of those features are included and ready to operate once the air conditioner is installed.

However, this casement AC will not fit any windows that slide up or slide down. This casement AC is designed to fit right to left or left to right windows only. It will fit any windows with the width range of 15 ? inch to 16 ? inch, with the minimum of 21 ? inch high applying a window panel retainer with a maximum 39-7/16 inch high. If you do not use any window panel retainer, the window should be at least 20-5/16 inch high.


– Its Energy Star certification should be on the pro lists.

– Koldfront CAC8000W is a compact window air conditioner with positive ratings with at least ranged from 74% to 76%.


– This product does not fit slide up or slide down window.

– Besides all of its advanced features, this Koldfront model does not have a timer.

#4. Frigidaire FFRS1022R1

Basically, this Frigidaire series is similar with the FFRS0822S1. With its 10.000 Btu power, this window AC is a perfect option for any owners who want to cool their room with the maximum size of 450 square feet. Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 series records dehumidification up to 3.4 pints per hour and operates with standard 115 volt electric outlet.

There are many features you can use from this series, such as 4-way air direction, sleep mode, energy saver mode, auto cool mode, 24-hour multi speed electronic control, and you can control all of them with fully functioning remote control with its on /off timer setting. The mesh filter supports check filter alert which is washable as well. Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 records 10,4 EER number, same as the FFRS0822S1 series.

Before you decide to purchase this product, makes sure that your window is sized from at least 21,5 inch to 40 inch high maximum. The width of the window has to be 15,5 inch at least. Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 is specially designed for either sliding window installation or casement window installation, with separated installation kit.


– Frigidaire FFRS1022R1 provides features that can ideally handle an unpredictable climate change.

– For one 10K sliding air conditioner, this window AC is arguably affordable.

– Given the positive ratings around 77% up to 80%.


– The negative ratings given around at least 15%

– The biggest concern of this product is that there is a chance this product is damaged on the delivery process.

– Although you can always return for replacement or refund, it is still inconvenient.

#5. PerfectAire 3PASC10000

Every window air conditioner with 10.000 Btu is always preferable to cool a room with at least 400 up to 450 square feet maximum. So is PerfectAire 3PASC10000. This window air conditioner also provides various features like portable thermostat technology to cover the room temperature, sleep mode, dry/fan/cool/auto modes, auto restart program, fully functioning remote control with “Follow Me” mode and programmable timer.

This particular window air conditioner provides an expandable window kit mounting that will accommodate horizontal sliding windows. You can set this front-mounted window air conditioner temperature from 17°C up to 30°C. Its tilt-out filtering air access will ease you in cleaning the product.

PerfectAire 3PASC10000 also provides fan mode and cool mode, both operating in 3-speeds blower. Before you purchase this product, make sure that your window is minimum 15 ? inch to 16 ? inch wide, while its height has to be around 21 ? up to 39 ? maximum.


– This series of PerfectAire window air conditioner is more compact compared to some similar series with 8.000 Btu.

– This 3PASC10000 series from PerfectAire provides the widest options of available features compared to any other PerfectIare products.

– The positive reatings are around 67% to 70%.


– This product is also considered as one of the loudest window air conditioners from PerfectAire products.

– Hence, its biggest complaint is that this product is not the right option for a bedroom installation due to its noises.

– The negative ratings are around 15%.

#6. Arctic King 10000 BTU

If you are looking for any window air conditioner with 10.000 Btu, this Arctic King series might be your ideal option. Especially if you have a room with at least 450 square feet size to be cooled. Operating with 110 volt plugging only, you will not need to install any 220 volt electrical outlet. This Arctic King series has a slinger up ring which will splash water from the AC onto radiator or outdoor coil, providing more efficient cooling process.

This unit comes with various features such as dirty filter notification, “Follow Me” mode with remote control, all of auto sleep/fan/dry/cool modes, 24-hour timer, multiple fan speeds and exhaust feature to remove any polluted air in your room. This Arctic King series comes with 14,6 inch width, 15,2 inch length and 28,4 inch height.


– This very model provides good climate control features.

– For a window air conditioner with 10.000 Btu, this Arctic King is considerably affordable.

– The positive ratings are around 77% to 80%.


– The negative responses received reach 20%; considerably high enough for a bad response.

– This unit is heavier than many window air conditioners with 10.000 Btu power.

What Size is Right?

Just like it was mentioned before, you will need to know the exact size of your room before choosing the window AC. The Btu power provided does matter on how it will efficiently cool the entire room. In general, there are only two kinds of Btu power provided in window ACs; 8.000 Btu and 10.000 Btu.

If your room is ranged from 300 to 350 square feet, you go for the 8.000 Btu power. If your room is ranged from 400 to 450 square feet, any window AC with 10.000 Btu power will be a better option. Too much or too less Btu power will not be working efficiently in cooling your room.

Thing To Know When Choosing the Best Sliding Window AC

There are several things you need to understand in choosing the best sliding window AC for your house. Just like choosing any conventional air conditioner, there are there categories you can consider in choosing casement and vertical window AC; basic window AC units, better AC window units and best window AC units. Each category has some products you can take a look at.

For basic window AC units, there is no better product than Koldfront CAC8000W. This model is worth a shot considering its features and affordable price. For better window AC units, you can go for either Frigidaire FFRS0822S1 or FFRS1022R1. Both provide similar features with similar price. For the best window AC units, you will need to decide between Arctic King or PerfectAire products. Both brands are the best rated window AC units in the market.