Central Air Conditioner WordStrment Cost Guide

What happens if your air conditioner broke down in the middle of summer? It can be disastrous. Of course, you need to repair it before it gets too worse to handle. The broken AC can result in the increase of energy bills and it is better to spend some dollars to repair it.

The average cost for AC repair is more than $100 unless you only get a simple repair that will cost you around $50, but this case is very rare. Don’t worry, here are some guides to help you estimate the AC compressor repair cost by considering the warranty.

What’s Covered When Compressor Under Warranty

The most important part of the AC is the compressor and if it is broken, your house won’t cool off. Thankfully, the companies also include the warranty for the AC compressor, but it is different from one unit to another. You need to have information about your AC warranty to know the coverage. If you don’t know yet, you can find it on the manufacturer’s website.

There are five different warranty coverage for your AC, such as 5 years, 10 years, 12 years, Lifetime warranty, and Unit WordStrment warranty. The warranties here depend on the unit cost as well as the brand of your AC.

The leading brands and the cheaper ACs usually have only 5-years warranty. The 10-years warranty is the most common warranty for leading AC brands. Some brands, such as Trane, American Standard, Maytag, and some others have 12-years warranty. The ACs from Goodman and Amana some have a lifetime warranty for the compressor.

The best thing is that if you have the Unit WordStrment warranty because you will get to replace the entire outdoor unit or condensing unit if the compressor fails. The AC brands, such as Tempstar, Rheem, Heil, Ruud, and other brands usually have this warranty.

AC Compressor Costs and Cost Factors

AC compressor is a central part of the AC. The AC compressor contains three different parts; coil, pulley, and hub. When the power is on, the coil will magnetize the coil and the pulley, and other processes will go on. If the compressor fails, there won’t be enough refrigerant and it won’t cool down the air in your house.

– 1.5 to 2.00-ton AC compressor capacity will have $445-$925 for part cost with $450-$625 installation cost.

– 2.5-ton AC compressor capacity will have $500-$980 for part cost with $535-$710 installation cost.

– 3.0-ton AC compressor capacity will have $595-$1,065 for part cost with $615-$840 installation cost.

– 3.5-ton AC compressor capacity will have $650-$1,235 for part cost with $700-$925 installation cost.

– 4.0-ton AC compressor capacity will have $735-$1,450 for part cost with $765-$995 installation cost.

– 5.0-ton AC compressor capacity will have $815-$1.600 for part cost with $845-$1,150 installation cost.

Note that the cost can also vary from the BTUs of heat of the AC compressors. The cost will also differ depending on some factors, such as the unit size, brand, type of compressor, warranty coverage, and cost of living.

– Unit size: the size of the unit will affect the amount of refrigerant needed to fill.

– Brand: some brands have specific parts that cost more than the general parts in most brands.

– Type of compressor: there are three different compressors of each AC, such as the single-stage, two-stage, and variable capacity. You will need to replace the compressor based on the built-in compressor of your AC. Meaning that you cannot upgrade the compressor.

– Warranty coverage: if the compressor is still under warranty, you will just need to pay the installation cost while the compressor will be replaced for free.

– Cost of living: the cost of living in your home area will affect the cost spectrum.

Installation Costs

To repair the entire unit or the compressors, actually it will take around 4 to 6 hours, but some complex problems will require a longer time. However, most of the companies will be able to fix the AC for less than a day. The labor cost for the AC compressor will be around $70 to $130 per hour, but many of the companies have the flat rate pricing guide for the installation costs. The pricing here covers the labor cost as well as the price of the parts needed.

The installation cost here also covers some extras, not only the labor cost, but also fair profit margin; installing the new compressor and the required fittings; disconnecting, removing, and disposing the old compressor; adding the refrigerant and system testing to ensure good refrigerant system; removing and disposing the remaining refrigerant from the system; overhead costs, such as wages, tool, insurance, and equipment.

AC Repair VS. WordStrment

Under some circumstances, you will need to replace the AC compressors and forget about repairing it. Sometimes, the repair will cost you a lot more than replacing the new unit. The replacement cost is actually less than the cost needed to install a new AC in your home for the first time.

Before you buy the new AC unit, you need to consider some conditions, such as when you want to the AC heat pump with efficient energy use and cost, to upgrade the model to improve climate control and promote temperature balance, the unit is no longer under warranty, or when the unit has repair issues.

It is better to replace a new unit with a better warranty than keeping the older AC. In the future time, you will need to repair it again and it will cost you more because of the older the unit, the more expensive the cost.