Payne Air Conditioner Reviews, Prices and Buying Guide

When a consumer wants to purchase a central air conditioner for a house or building, various selections are available in the market. It could be frustrating since there are many brands offering plenty of models of a central air conditioner with competitive prices.

The brands of Air Conditioner are divided into three categories: Premium, Standard and Budget Brands. Premium Brands have the highest price but have the longest durability from 18 – 25 years. Standard brands have a moderate price, with the durability from 15 – 18 years. Budget brands have the lowest price and offer around 12 – 16 years durability.

Talking about Budget brands, Payne provides the cooling and heating system over 77 years. Payne is well known to give the consumer as specifically as they need. Payne Central AC Prices are very affordable and can compete with other brands such as Airtemp, Goodman, Aire-Flo and Ameristar. Payne Central Conditioner is one of the budget brands that provides great quality, efficiency, excellent performance and durability.

Payne Central AC Reviews from the customers mostly praises about how good the unit is with less money than they need to spend compared to standard or premium brands. Customers are also happy with how quiet the unit and no major problem even after several years after installation.

Payne Central Air Conditioner Features

There are several features of Payne Central Air Conditioner that make this brand is worth to buy. First, the low price of Payne Central Air Conditioner. Most consumers are very aware of the price of an air conditioner unit before they decide to buy it. Payne has a lower price than other brands, for example, Goodman AC can cost around US$ 2,649 and Payne with similar features costs around US$ 1,359.

Even though Payne is one of the cheapest central air conditioner units available in the market, it doesn’t mean that they have low quality or short durability. Payne is well known with many features that this brand offer to the consumers.

Payne is well known for its durable compressor. Most Payne air conditioners have the compressor that is specially designed to give maximum efficiency. To prevent any contamination, each compressor is fully sealed. With the small risk of contamination will make the compressor has longer durability. There is also isolation for the vibration so the unit will have less noise when it is operated.

Most consumers want to have less noise for their air conditioner. Payne air conditioner offers little or almost no noise during the operation of the unit. Thanks to its system called Amana air which can engineer the system of AC with improvements. The cover of a compressor is made from high-density foam to reduce the sound. The top of the unit is also designed for sound control.

One of the important systems in an air conditioner is the duct system configuration. Payne central air conditioner uses both downflow and horizontal applications. Every Payne air conditioner unit can be adjusted from downflow to flat which also includes the horizontal duct cover. To make sure that the unit uses minimal energy, Payne unit has a permanent split capacitor. This Permanent split capacitor is also being used to cool the room even though the outside temperature reaches up to 40 degrees.

Payne central air conditioner provides not only a maximum comfort with less noise during the operation, but it also ensures to cool the room even the hot temperature of the outside area. With minimal use of energy, Payne central air conditioner will also help the homeowners to save the utility bills. With this completed features and very affordable price, no wonder Payne is one of the most popular budget brands in the market.

Payne AC Model Reviews and Recommendations

There are six models of Payne central air conditioner available in the market. Payne PA17NA has the highest SEER rating up to 17.00, it has a two-stage compressor and the noise level is as low as 73. This model is already an energy star qualified. PA16NW has a single-stage compressor and efficiency rating up to 16.5 SEER. It is the same as Payne PA17NA for the noise level is as low as 73 and energy star qualified.

Payne PA16NA has an efficiency rating up to 16.5 SEER with a single-stage compressor and noise level is as low as 76. This unit is also energy star qualified. Payne PA15NC has a single-stage compressor with an efficiency rating up to 14.00 SEER and noise level is as low as 75.

Payne PA14NC has a single-stage compressor with an efficiency rating up to 14.00 SEER and has noise level is as low as 75. Payne PA13NA has an efficiency rating up to 13.00 SEER and the noise level is as low as 74. Payne PA15NC, Payne PA14NC and Payne PA13NA are not energy star qualified.

Payne PA13NA is the cheapest models from Payne. Moreover, this unit uses a cabinet which is made from heavy-gauge galvanized steel which could protect the coil and other components from the AC unit. Each Payne model uses safe refrigerant which is also ecofriendly.

If you are looking for another model from Payne, take a look at Payne PA16NA, since it has the highest SEER up to 16.00, this unit offers the highest efficiency compared to other models. it is also already energy star qualified. This model also uses eco-friendly and safe refrigerant. There is also protection on the outside coil of the air conditioner unit.

If you are still confused which model that you need to buy, please note that the SEER is important to measure the cost as well how much that you will save in the future. Unit with a higher SEER will have a higher price compared to the unit with a lower SEER. However, higher SEER means higher efficiency which can help you to cut the utility bill in the long period.

However, it is not always a guarantee that the higher SEER model will save your money more than if you spend with lower SEER models. There is a certain calculation that could be used to find the right model for your house. it is recommended to consult with a professional technician for which unit of air conditioner that will be suitable for your needs.

Payne Central Air Conditioner Prices by Model

Prices of Payne central air conditioner is varied depends on the model. Please note that the prices below for each model already includes with an outdoor condenser, air handler (1,300 – 1,400 CFM), air conditioner thermostat which is programmable.

Price for Payne PA17NA (17.00 SEER) is US$ 1,380 for unit only or US$3,700 if with the installation. Price for Payne PA16NW (16.5 SEER) is US$ 1,180 for unit only or US$ 3,320 if it is unit and installation. Payne PA16NA (16.5 SEER) costs around US$ 1,100 for unit only or US$ 3,050 if it’s an installed system.

Payne PA15NC (14 SEER) costs around US$ 980 for unit only or US$ 3,050 if with complete installation and unit. Price for Payne PA14NC (14 SEER) is around US$ 850 for unit only or US$ 2,900 for unit and installation. The cheapest among other models is Payne PA13NA with the price for unit only is US$ 720 or US$ 2,760 for unit and installation.

Why Payne could have very affordable prices? It is because Payne doesn’t have too many kinds of models and less advertisement, therefore the price of Payne air conditioner unit could be cheaper compared to other budget brands. You also don’t need to worry about the quality of Payne air conditioner unit since it offers great performance unit with long durability.

However, the installation is the most important factors on how the unit will perform as it should be. Some consumers thought that they could install the unit by themselves without any helps from a skilled technician. Wrong installation will make the AC unit will not give the best performance and it could affect the durability of the unit.

Therefore, choose a professional technician who knows and familiar with the brand. Check if the technician is licensed and insured. You can compare at least three quotations to check the prices from contractors, however, don’t sacrifice the lower quality of installation because of the lower price.

Payne Central AC Prices by Unit Size

If you already know which model you want to purchase, now the next step is to know which unit size that you will need for your house or building. There are many factors to determine the right unit size such as your house location as well the climate of your area, window types in your house, the direction of windows vs sun exposure, total insulation that the house has, how many occupants living in the house and many more.

Usually, an HVAC contractor will need to measure using “Manual J” calculation which covers the factors above. The air conditioner unit size from 1.5 ton to 5-ton. The bigger the house, the bigger unit size that you will need. For example, if you have 100 square feet house, you probably will need a 2-ton unit size. If your house size is 2,201 – 2,600 square feet you will need around 4-ton unit size.

However, the correct calculation of which unit size that your house need doesn’t depend only on the size of the house but also the factors above that could be calculated using “Manual J” calculation. It is recommended that you ask a professional HVAC contractor to give you the right size.
Purchasing the wrong size unit could make the room will be warm or not cool enough.

Below price of each unit already includes Payne outdoor condenser (15 SEER, 2.5 ton), air handler (1,300 – 1,400 CFM) and thermostat.

Unit Size Unit Only Unit + Installation?
1.5 ton (home size: 600-1000 sf) US$ 845 US$ 2,595
2 ton (home size: 1001-1300 sf) US$ 930 US$ 2,730
2.5 ton (home size: 1301-1600 sf) US$ 990 US$ 2,890
3 ton(home size: 1601-1900 sf) US$ 1,060 US$ 3,000
3.5 ton (home size: 1901-2200 sf) US$ 1,175 US$ 3,145
4 ton (home size: 2201-2600 sf) US$ 1,280 US$ 3,310
5 ton (home size: 2601-3200 sf) US$ 1,500 US$ 3,730