Top 10 Quietest Window Air Conditioner Reviews and Buying Guide

How would you describe perfect house in summer? Is it enough to have shelter from blazing sun? Many of you might agree to have cool summer house. In order to have this house, you need to install air conditioning unit. Instead of portable type, window air conditioner works better.

In addition to cooling power, ideal AC unit should be quiet as well. Only some people could sleep with noise disturbance. Having quietest window air conditioner will be better option for maximum sleep quality. Make sure to do mini research before buying one. There are lots of options in the market. Without any preparation, you will be confused and swayed easily.

Quietest Window Air Conditioners 5000 to 10000 BTU

1. Emerson Quiet Kool EARC8RSE1

Do you live in 350 square feet or less area? Then this Emerson model is perfect for your house. It offers 8000 BTU with 115 voltage electric power. With this energy, Emerson product could ensure your sleepless and soundless night. There will be no disturbance on cooling system performance.

Temperature setting could be done from mobile apps. It is possible as Kool EARC8RSE1 is compatible with WiFi system. As long as you are connected to internet, you will be able to control temperature. It is also possible to set fan speed. You don’t have to walk and find remote. Stay wherever you are and do setting from phone.

Look at the warranty letter. You will see 1-2-5 years warranty. What does it mean? Each number represents different period for specific parts. One year is for labor, two years are for AC parts and five years are for compressor. Next time Emerson model stops working, don’t forget to check this year guidance before claiming warranty.

Previous buyers share their satisfaction for buying the right model. It only takes 15-20 minutes to cool down the entire rooms. This machine could distribute cool air evenly on both side of the room. You should also note the eco setting feature. It basically shuts and starts AC machine to keep steady temperature.

2. Haier Serenity ESAQ406T

This brand is popular after receiving award as Energy Star product on 2016. Even until now, people are still looking for this model. It offers 12.2 efficiency rating and 6000 BTU. When these two features work together, they cool down room quite fast and manage energy effectively as well. Keep in mind that Haier ESAQ406T should be installed on window.

Minimum window width is 26.07 inches, while the maximum is 39.25. As for the height, you must make minimum 13.38 inches space. There are four available functions ESAQ406T could perform: cooling, energy safe mode, fan speed and dehumidify. All of these functions could be set through remote control. Freely change the setting to meet your requirement.

On this remote, you will find LED display, button lock and light as well. Need more control on unit’s active period? Then make a schedule for window AC. In normal setting, each unit keeps working all day. You could set it to hours.

It is true that Haier promises quiet AC. Hoever, after testing and confirming, buyers claim that this unit could be even quieter. Try to set fan speed at low. You will hear cranking sound. It is not loud, but definitely there. If it happened, putting on blanket sound on top of unit.

3. Frigidaire FFRE1033S1

Looking for another winner for 2016 Energy Star? Look at Frigidaire FFRE1033S1 then. It offers slightly lower efficiency rating; 12 SEER only. Still, this is quite impressive when paired with 10.000 BTU power. This unit will have no problem to cool down house on 450 square feet area. It will take less than an hour to get cool rooms!

Moreover, Frigidaire FFRE1033S1 offers dehumidification feature. Within an hour, cooling system could manage 3 pints of moisture. Another function of this great Frigidaire product is air cleaning. System includes ionizer that will absorb pollen and other impurities. The air inside the house will be safer, especially for those suffer from allergic reaction.

How long warranty period from manufacturer is? It will be one year for full system and five years only for sealed system. After that, you need to do regular checking, maintenance and cleaning to keep maximum performance. Make sure to have at least 15 inches tall window to install this unit.

Buyers share great feedback about Frigidaire FFRE1033S1. Most comments mention about its powerful feature. They could sense temperature difference 10 to 15 minutes after turning AC on. Even though they have big and small rooms, all have similar temperature.

4. Friedrich Chill CP08G10B

Do you demand something better than just quiet operation? Come and get Ultra Quiet Operation from Friedrich Chill CP08G10B. Manufacturer guarantees that operation noise will be minimized. It provides different BTU levels to choose, starting from 5200 BTU to 24000 BTU. If you have 350 square feet area, it is suggested to take 8000 BTU. For installation, you could do it on wall or window.

Another unique feature from Friedrich Chill CP08G10B is auto air sweep louvers. It could direct louvers automatically. Total area it could cover is around 350 square feet. Note this unit’s size: 20.7 x 18.6 x 13.9 inches. Make sure to prepare enough space to install it, either on the wall or window.

Do you ever have problem with power cord? Your electric socket is on the right side, but your AC power chord is on the left side. If you get Friedrich Chill CP08G10B, there will be no such problem. It could run on either left or right side.

People who bought this unit usually live in area with very hot summer. They claim that Friedrich Chill CP08G10B meets their expectation. They love staying at home and enjoy cool air. Some of them have tried a lot of different products and end up throwing them away.

5. hOmeLabs 5000 BTU

Not all houses are big. There are people who live in small space. Does it mean they don’t need air conditioning? Not really. In fact, they need small but powerful unit for their houses. For this request, hOmeLabs 5000 BTU is the perfect answer. Maximum space it could cover is 150 square feet. Make sure to mount this unit on window for maximum efficiency.

Many brands sell only the unit. Buyers will buy additional kits such as support bracket, leaf guards, window seal foam, etc. If you choose hOmeLabs 5000 BTU, the package comes with all mounting kit you need. All you have to do is installing the unit.

Usually, filter in air conditioner unit should be replaced after use. Homelabs technology invents something different. Their filter is eco reusable, including antibacterial agent. When it gets dirty, you could wash it using dish soap and warm water or vacuum it with dust buster.

Enjoy cool air in all rooms within minutes. Once the unit is turned on, you could pick one out of seven available temperature settings. HomeLabs air conditioning unit works with two way air direction control and adjustable fan speed. Set your ideal temperature and wait for a while.

Quietest Window Air Conditioners 12000 to 25000 BTU

1. Friedrich Chill CP15G10B

First up in the list is Friedrich Chill CP15G10B. It deserves all the attention for being powerful air conditioning unit for large houses. Maximum area it could cover is 700 square feet. You could install it on window or wall. Make sure to choose unit size wisely. There are different options, ranging from 12000 BTU to 24000 BTU.

Another attractive point from this model is its ultra quiet operation. It is not enough to be quiet; you could get ultra quiet as Friedrich Chill CP15G10B cuts all operation noises inside the system. During cooling operation, you will see that louvers are moving left and right automatically. This is another feature you could get.

Powerful unit doesn’t always come in big size. If you compare it to other models with smaller capacity, they look similar in size. Friedrich Chill CP15G10B has 30.3 x 25.5 x 16.9 inches dimension. Before deciding where to install, you should measure the space. Don’t worry about its power cord; it could be pulled from right or left side.

Read some feedbacks from buyers and you will see how it works. Under blazing sun, house owners could sleep without being baked. Even when it acts as additional AC, it still helps to manage temperature on the other rooms.

2. LG LW1216ER

Since you live on big area, you also need strong air conditioner to keep rooms cool. One option you should definitely consider is LG LW1216ER. This unit is powerful enough to cover 550 square feet area. Thanks to Energy Star label, buyers will save a lot of money on energy bill. It also works with 12.1 SEER ratios, maximizing energy consumption in the machine.

LG LW1216ER is set to operate 24 hour a day. However, you could also set timer. Unit will automatically turns on or off based on your setting. Find this setting option on remote control buttons. Using the remote, you could also control temperature, even across the room.

LG has one patented feature on this model: gold fin. It is not literally made of gold, but it has outstanding durability against corrosion. Manufacturer guarantees that LG LW1216ER will last longer than any other competitors. Also, installation process has never been a problem. Contractors only need to take out installation kit and follow manuals.

Positive review from buyers reveals that LG smart system is strictly scheduled. You could set on and off setting, but you need to match it well with your off work time. Otherwise, it runs as last setting input and automatically goes back to original setting.

3. LG LW2217IVSM

Aside from Energy Star label, is there any other technology for energy saving? LG has the answer for this question. This technology is called dual inverter. Any model that uses dual inverter has two motor insides the machine. It saves more energy, approximately 25% more efficient. It also cools down the room faster.

Although there are two motors to run the system, noise production could be pressed to minimum. LG LW2217IVSM belongs to powerful air conditioning category. Don’t expect to get low BTU from this unit. It is only available on 22000 BTU. No wonder, this strong cooling unit could cover up to 1300 square feet area.

Do you want to set cooling period and cool air distribution? Then grab remote control and put your setting. In total, you could switch fan to three speed category; low, medium and fast. Doing so will delay or boost cooling process. Keep in mind that LG LW2217IVSM applies four air directions.

If you still doubt this unit, then ask those who had bought it. They are pleased with their purchase, saying that LG LW2217IVSM is worth the money. As promised, it produces very little noise. Installing the unit in family room won’t disturb any quality moment.

4. Friedrich EP18G33B

Each model has its own charm. For Friedrich EP18G33B, it is probably unit’s power and ultra quiet feature. Buyers will get two size options; 18000 BTU and 23000 BTU. 18000 BTU units is strong enough to cover 1000 square feet room. Also, you could install this unit on a wall or window.

Second reason to love this unit is ultra quiet operation. Manufacturer designs this product to make very minimum noise even in its maximum setting. To help system sends cool air faster, there is automatic oscillate louvers that moves right and left. Don’t worry too much about power chord. It is flexible and could be installed on the right or left side.

Sometimes, buyers complain about installation procedure. It requires specific installation and spare parts. In the other words, buyers should buy from limited dealers. If the stock is not available, they must wait. Luckily, Friedrich EP18G33B uses standard installation hardware. You could install it immediately after it arrives.

One meaningful review is given by owner of rent house. He shares how all tenants love their new cooling unit. Usually, it is difficult to make all tenants happy. Thanks to Friedrich EP18G33B, land lord could keep his business going.

5. Frigidaire FFRH2522R2

Need another strong air conditioning recommendation? Try this model. It works very well with its 25000 BTU powers. Instead of light work, this machine could handle heavy duty setting. It is a perfect choice for commercial purpose. You could install this unit wither on the wall or on the window. If you choose window, the installation kit is included in the package.

Be careful with Frigidaire FFRH2522R2. It requires bigger electric capacity than most houses. If your house has 115V outlet, upgrade first to 230V outlet. This unit also included supplemental heat capability. Thus, outdoor unit could create their own heat.

Do you wonder how large the area Frigidaire FFRH2522R2 could cover? It is up to 1600 square feet. In addition, this model also comes with dehumidification up to 8 pints per hour. You cannot get any better products in the market. Get full control of the system from its remote.

There are some other reasons to pick this model. First, it has washable mesh filter. You will be part of green movement. Second, Frigidaire FFRH2522R2 has sleep mode, energy saver mode and auto cool. These three options represent most requests from buyers. They only need to press the button.

Pros and Cons of a Quiet Window AC

Pros: Quiet

First benefit has been mentioned clearly in the title. You will not get just any air conditioning unit. It produces less noise. This different might be simple, but it brings big impact on customers. They could enjoy quality sleep. It is also possible to put AC unit next to electronic equipment.

Pros: Better Control

While standard cooling system has its communicating system, window AC gives wi-fi connected system. You could control it from your smart phone. Even when you are not home, house temperature could be monitored anytime. It will be more convenient to come home and enjoy cool air. Say goodbye to waiting for cool air after work!

Cons: Average Compressor

Buyers often complain about window AC performance. After going through full diagnosis, the problem comes from compressor. Manufacturer often install average compressor, while window AC requires something stronger. Another case is product failure, which could be solved by claiming warranty.

Cons: Advertising Scam

When things don’t work as they expected, buyers often mention how manufacturer scam them. It happens when unit cannot maintain cool temperature in certain mode or when AC unit cannot balance temperature in all rooms. For these complaints, buyers better check manual instruction first. Eco Mode, for example, is set to be less cool.

Quiet Window Air Conditioners Key Factors


If you think your quiet AC unit is still noisy, then blame the compressor. This is central part of AC unit that circulates refrigerant. After you turn on the machine, compressor is the first part to work. Those quiet windows Ac that claim to be “ultra quiet” must have used inverter type. Instead of turning the machine on and off, the system applies dimmer switch.

System will detect when to use maximum energy and when to stay low. The parameter of this energy use is ideal temperature set by house owner. Keep in mind that AC size has nothing to do with noise.


Inside the cabinet, there is a blanket covering its walls. This is what you called insulation. It works as “sound blanket” that reduces machine noise. Without insulation, only few models could be categorized as “quiet” AC window. In addition to this blanket, there is also insulation strip in between unit and windows. It prevents leaking and tone down vibration.

If you want to reduce even more noise, it is possible to add more strip insulation on right and left side. However, this trick might not make big difference on loud AC unit. Thus, it is always better to start with quiet AC type.

Multiple Speed

AC unit has simple law in regards of fan speed; the stronger it spins, the louder it sounds. You cannot do anything to prevent this law. As customers, you often read about AC unit that could cool down “up to” certain square feet area. That is a trick to charm you.

“Up to” sign means that you have to set unit on highest setting to get desired temperature. As you do so, unit cannot be as quiet as you hope it could be. There is one solution to this problem; you should choose AC unit that could cool your room on lower fan speed.

Why Correct Size is Important

Window AC unit has different sizes. Each of them is suitable for certain measurement. You might question which size to take. Some other buyers do not really pay attention and get whatever they want. When they have installed the unit, they learn that mismatched size is not good at all.

Undersized Window AC

There is a general guideline to match your house area and AC unit. Most of you often use this as pattern. As long as you are within the border, things will work. This is not always the case. There are many factors you should consider; number of windows, number of people, room position, and many more. It is not only about house size.

How do you know that AC unit is undersized? It is when you have to turn on highest setting just to cool down certain area. AC unit cannot distribute cool air evenly. You even have to deal with noisy unit.

Oversized Window AC

Some of you might think that oversized AC will be way better than undersize. In your imagination, this powerful unit will be able to cool down faster and work efficiently. In reality, you won’t get something as nice. Oversized AC unit will cool down room too fast. How could this happen? Humidity is not drained during the process.

Do you think that oversized window AC will make comfortable room? No, it will not. Humidity combined with cool air make clammy room. This is bad combination you don’t want to have. It is almost similar to sitting in a dry room during heat peak. In the end, you might be forced to change air conditioner again and buy new unit.

If you consider bigger unit, make sure you meet one of the following conditions. First, your room is on the sunny side or your house has a lot of oven. Second, there are more people gather in the house for the whole year.

How to Make a Window AC Quiet & Keep it Quiet

Choose Largest Window Unit

Check the table once again and see which unit is suitable for your house condition. If it is possible, you should take the largest AC window unit. For example, your house is 550 square feet. Based on the information on the table, you should take 12.000 BTU or 14.000 BTU models. Instead of choosing the 12000 BTU, take the 14000 BTU. Then, remember to run on low speed instead of higher speed.

Add More Insulation Pad

When you buy cooling unit, there will be insulation pad included. Adding more doesn’t mean you could throw away the existing insulation pad. Use it as instructed in the manual book. After that, take a look at the installed unit. Make sure to add insulation pad on connecting area such as walls or window side.

Install Awning

There are two units: indoor and outdoor. One cannot work well without another. Therefore, you should be able to maintain condition of both units. For outdoor unit, direct heat is not good for its internal system. Overflowing heat will force machine to run when it should rest. To solve this problem, you should install awning. Make sure its position could give shade for outdoor unit.

Clean Filter

Probably the cause of your noisy AC window is not the compressor. Dirty filter stops fresh air to enter unit system. Thus, there will be wheezing sound from the machine. If you hear similar sound, immediately clean the filter. You can tell the difference after and before cleaning.

Energy Costs of a Window Air Conditioner


As mentioned previously, Window AC size should match the area it covers. Bigger or smaller size won’t do any good. If you have found matching unit, then it is time to enjoy cool air. In terms of cost efficiency, smaller unit wins. Bigger units consume more energy, so you will spend more on energy bill.

Unlike noise problem, you cannot fix this condition. It is a rule that applies in HVAC world. Therefore, best bet you could take is buying product with higher SEER label. At least, internal system tries to maximize the energy it absorbs. You could also try to get the variable stage model. It reacts based on temperature and will stay low in stable climate.


People often say that brand somehow determines the quality of products. When this statement is not entirely wrong, you should also check SEER label. Again, low SEER rating will affect your energy bill. If you cannot get good product with high SEER, play safe with Energy Star recommendation. Even when you lose money, it won’t be too suffocating.

Running Period

How long do you run the AC window? Is it 24 hours per day? Or only when you are at home? Answering this question might help you to relate your high energy bill this month. It is a fact that the more you use AC, the more energy it uses. Advertisement might say that your AC runs on “low energy”. It still consumes energy and you have to pay for it.


AC unit could make hot summer days worse than ever. You don’t have to sacrifice your ears to get maximum comfort. There is a solution to stable room temperature and silent noise; installing quietest window air conditioner. Make sure you learn well about each type before purchasing it.

Good product should offer high efficiency, control speed and dehumidifying feature. Again, each brand is at different level for each feature. Some of them are very efficient but doesn’t work well on dehumidifying. You must also learn about maintenance process and understand how to calculate energy cost. Only then, you could tell which product is the best for you.