Ruud Air Conditioner Reviews, Prices And Buying Guide

There are strong reasons why people should be picky when it comes to central heating. First, it should be long term investment instead of temporary solution. Why spend a lot of money just for several months use? Second, buyers should know well how much they will spend. It is not only about the price of one unit. Think about installation, maintenance, energy bill and spare parts price.

One of the most mentioned brand is Ruud Central Conditioner. This brand might not be the best among the top, but its manufacturer has a way to compete against competitors. Instead of offering most advanced system, Ruud kicks off great performance but low energy consumption. For this reason, Ruud are still loved by its customers.

It is normal for a brand to offer different series to customers. Each series is sold at different prices. It also applies for Ruud brand. Buyers will pay higher Ruud Central AC Prices on better version products. Again, Ruud puts on persuasive defense to attract more customers.

You might get a hint after reading Ruud Central AC Reviews. Manufacturer releases product with best features but on cheap price. It is as durable as any products from top brands. However, it takes less energy.

Ruud Central Air Conditioner Features

Installing Best Parts

If you ask customers around, they might use this one word to describe Ruud; top compressor. How is Ruud’s compressor different than the others? First of all, Ruud is brave enough to install scroll compressor, best type among all. You could only find this compressor on higher brand. However, these products are offered at higher price as well.

Scroll compressor has a lot of benefits. When it is working, only several parts move. However, it is still great in maintaining balance temperature. This system is higher reliability and low maintenance cost. Also, there will be less vibration and noise even on maximum setting. Its system allows steady motion on the machine, balancing every part to work effectively by using minimum movement.

Valuable Item

For those who have a lot of money, valuable item is not on their list. They could literally buy anything they want. It shouldn’t be the case with limited budget family. They want to get cheapest model but with highest feature possible. It seems greedy but they could get products with these specifications. One brand in their list is Ruud.

For AC product with scroll compressors, buyers should get their money ready. As expected, it is expensive. Ruud could offer cheaper model with scroll compressor. People might not look at this offer if it costs only $50 less. What about reducing $500 for each unit? Of course it is a hot deal anyone wouldn’t want to miss.

Plenty Of Options

Each AC brand has its own specialty. One might sell its advanced technology and sells efficiency. In order to reach this “specific” title, they might add or take away several features from the product. As the result, not all brands could provide products for housings and offices. Both need different power and system.

Luckily, Ruud has a lot of options, combining machines for small houses up to big office building. It is a plus point for customers since they don’t need to go and switch stores. Take a walk around Ruud store and you might find one or two perfect AC unit as requested.

Great EcoNet System

You are lucky if your Ruud unit has EcoNet system. Remember how you do some research and experiment on temperature control, trying to find best formulation for better room comfort. Say goodbye to this old method. By activating EcoNet, you should only set your ideal temperature and EcoNet will work to maintain it.

Model Reviews and Recommendations

Ruud Ultra UA20

Will you buy only best product from Ruud? Then you come to see a perfect model. UA20 offers Plus One Energy which offers minimum 20 or 13 SEER. So far, this feature belongs to top brands only. For this reason, Ultra UA20 is the most tempting upper end product.

Once a while, any AC unit will need maintenance or repairing. Both are performed by contractors. Could you imagine their struggle while working with small valve with no access to reach internal system? Luckily, Ruud has expanded valve with triple service access. Your contractor could find the errors easily without too many troubles.

Ruud Achiever Series (RA17)

Who needs AC unit with two stage system? The answer is simple. Buyers live in area with drastic climate change. Within a day or several days, temperature could change from very hot to warm. In this case, they need AC unit that could maintain temperature well.

Achiever Series RA17 offers two stages fan that could work on 67% and 100% capacity. When temperature gets cold, lower capacity will be activated. Conversely, hot days will turn on its full capacity. Another reason to buy this model is its modern look. You could literally list it as part of interior furniture.

Ruud Achiever Series (RA 14)

Are you looking for best offer from single stage machine? This model is the answer. Despite of its single machine, Achiever Series RA 14 has scroll compressor. It means cooling system could work efficiently without using too much energy. Its machine even especially optimized for Southern Region use.

In addition, buyers will get more durable unit. Manufacturer doesn’t neglect internal and external system protection. Both are coated well to prevent rust. If you flip the unit, you will see composite base pan. Thanks to this feature, machine works on low noise level. Enjoy sleepless night time without any noise pollution.

Ruud Achiever Series (RA 13)

Don’t look down on lower end model from Ruud. It is made with least features, but those are still strong enough to maintain stable temperature in the house. Just like the other models from Ruud, RA13 takes scroll compressor inside its small package. It also offers 13 SEER powers, which is strong enough for warm climate area.

It also has diagnostic service window, allowing contractors and owners to check on high and low pressure. If repairing process requires you to remove panels, there will be fewer fasteners to remove. Isn’t that great?

Ruud Central Air Conditioner Prices By Model

Do price comparison before buying AC unit. While this is not entirely wrong, you should learn what to compare and how to make it equal. Take an example from a complete pack of one Ruud AC unit, 2.5 ton outdoor condenser, 1300 cfm air handler, and programmable air conditioner thermostat.

Ruud Ultra UA20

Since people say that Ruud provides affordable AC units, some of you might be curious about its top products’ price. Per unit, Ruud put $1850 price tag on it. Surprised? Don’t forget to add installation cost, shipping fee and any other details you should pay. Now compare it to complete package where you get one unit installed to your home. It is only $3900 per unit.

Ruud Achiever Plus UA17

No one could beat Ruud when it comes to value. You might be surprised to find that the amazing UA17 only costs less than $1500. To be exact, it is $1480 for unit only. If you don’t want to make more calls and pay more bills, take all in offer. Buyers will pay $3620 for installed unit. After settling this bill, you could go home and wait for contractors to come and install the unit.

Ruud Achiever RA14

Budget friendly is one of Ruud’s goals. Other brands might be pleased to brag about fancy features. Ruud will be happy to offer $1050 AC unit to their customers. They could bring home one unit on this price. But, they pay more for installation and shipping fee. Another option would be $3350, a complete pack price that includes installation.

Ruud Achiever RA13

How tight is your budget? If you have $3100, you could take RA13 home. Not long after, contractor team will come and help you to install AC unit. If it is still too much, then buy unit only. Buyers will pay around $990. Don’t forget to fins reliable contractors that offer affordable installation cost.

Ruud Central AC Prices By Unit Size

What do you know about choosing AC unit size? If you are new to this, take empty paper and write down this information. There are several factors to determine AC unit size; number of insulation, window direction and types, hallway, house direction, and many more. Make sure to explain these data before choosing unit size.

2 Ton

Try to measure width and length of your house. If its capacity falls between 1001 to 1300 square feet, then best option should be 2 ton unit. It costs around $1190 per unit. Of course, you could get higher price as well. It will be around $3310. What makes them different? For the second option, you get one unit and pay installation cost as well.

3 Ton

Your house size is 1601 to 1900 square feet. This is medium size home, big enough for five persons to live together. What size should you take to get stable temperature? Rough answer would be 3 ton. Be prepared to pay $1490 per unit or $3850 to include installation cost. If more people are going to move in permanently, you might need to pick bigger size unit.

4 Ton

Who says that only 2201 to 2600 square feet house could use 4 ton AC unit? There are certain conditions where smaller houses take this unit. It is usually a house with a lot of families or a lot of windows. To keep them cool during summer heat, they should have at least $1800 for one unit. If they want no hustle, then pay more. It is around $4420 for installing the unit.

5 Ton

Biggest of all unit sizes, you could choose 5 ton AC. This giant unit could cover 2601 to 3200 square feet area. Are you interested to buy one? Don’t be surprised to see $5230 on your bill. It covers installation as well. One unit’s price is $2390