York Air Conditioner Prices, Reviews And Buying Guide

There have to be numerous factors you need to consider in choosing the best air conditioner for your house. Each factor is related to each other. Your house size will determine the model and the size of air conditioner. These factors will also determine the air conditioner price. However, there is always one consideration that each consumer will take differently; the brand or the 亚洲中文高清有码在线 names.

Speaking of names, we are sure enough to agree that York Central Air Conditioner is amongst the big names in the market. It is not a coincidence that York has its own reputation, since this 亚洲中文高清有码在线 was established hundred years ago. Since then, York has been producing hundred or maybe thousand products in the market.

In term of cost, York Central AC Prices are arguably affordable for many kinds of consumers. That is why it is not a surprise that this 亚洲中文高清有码在线 has been solid for hundred years. Not only that they always deliver, they also set the product prices as affordable as possible. There are more reasons why this particular brand stands out. Here some more detail about York Central AC Reviews.

York Air Conditioner Features, Pros & Cons

Being one of the oldest air conditioner brands in the market, York 亚洲中文高清有码在线 definitely understand how to win the market. One of the approaches is by offering their unique features. Being experienced as air conditioner 亚洲中文高清有码在线 makes York know the market well and understand what people demand. Hence, here are some unique features from York central air conditioner.

AeroQuiet II System

From its name, you get to know what this feature offers to you. It is safe to say that no home owners want to own an air conditioner with so much disturbing noises. For that matter, York make sure to the customers that they will never have that kind of experience when they use any York products. Most of York air conditioner products can work properly without any unnecessary noises.

York products support a feature called AeroQuiet II System that will minimize the noises production as much as possible. This feature provides the sound level of 72 decibels; as low as you will need for a proper air conditioner. That sound level will give you assurance that the air conditioner will be running quietly. It will also ensure that your air conditioner will not disturb you or your neighbors around you.

Microchannel Coils

Another unique feature from York that you can prove is the Microchannel Coils. In case you are not quite familiar with this feature, this is the standard of any quality control in air conditioner units. The presence of Microchannel Coils will ensure the air conditioners operate with much more reliability.

Not to mention that its compressors are specifically shielded for the system to deal with any extreme temperature as well as extreme pressure. In addition, all of York AC products come with long-lasting coat powder, making the products look in high quality and enormous for this modern days.

Compact Split Systems

This next feature might not be considered as unique since some other brands have it too, but its presence definitely makes those brands are highly rated. Aside from York, top brands like Lennox and Carrier provides this feature too. With compact split systems, you are offered a chance to save some expense from buying any new ducts in your house. Instead, you can consider using ductless unit. All of York LX series are the perfect example of ductless units.

Any units with ductless system normally require zero ductwork, which means will strengthen the built-in protection. Therefore, you can always count that all the compressors in the York LX units are internally protected properly. The end product of these units is normally 35% more robust than any ordinary powder paint end product.


– Given their experience in delivering the products for hundred years, you can expect that York Central AC will serve you with great customer services.

– Most of York Central AC units are eligible for any tax rebates.

– Just like any other air conditioners, the units will provide durable build if they are installed properly, especially York AC units.

– One thing that any other AC brands my not have is the York ACs’ sleek design for this modern era.


– Although the price tags are adjusted by its quality product, some consumers still think that York AC units have high purchase cost.

– Comparing some York AC units with the same price tag, there are some more efficient products in the market.

– York AC units do not provide any labor compared to other competitors, which also means the warranty periods tend to be shorter.

York AC Model Reviews and Recommendations

Talking about recommended models, you may receive different recommendations from different owners. Basically, just like any other AC brands, York Central AC provide three categories of air conditioner; basic performance, better performance and best performance.

For the basic performance, they name it LX Economy series. In addition, they name LX Advanced series for the better performance and Affinity series for the best AC performance. If you are looking for any units with Energy Star certification, you have to go for the better and best AC units performance since the basic AC units performance do not have one.

You may also consider about the SEER rating and the unique features. All units from the basic performance category normally provide low SEER rating with no unique features from York; only ordinary features like any other brands have. If you are seeking for those two factors, you have to go for the better and best AC performance.
Here are some examples from the each category:

1. York LX Economy YFE, YCE and YCS

From the basic AC unit performance, these products are the best available options you can have. Just like it was mentioned, these products are not Energy Star certified and all of them are single-staged air conditioners. The products from basic AC unit performance average the 14 SEER rating. However, they are all already support Microchannel Coil, which makes them durable and perfect for small houses.

2. York LX Advanced YFK and YCG

Move to the better category, these two products are the best option for you. Both of them support the unique features from York and are Energy Star certified. They also record the same SEER rating at 17. The only difference is that the YFX series are two-staged air conditioners, while the YCG series are singe-staged. However, they are the best option for those with medium size house.

3. York Affinity YXV and YXT

If you are looking for the best products of York Central AC, these series from Affinity are the best deal you can get. Although both of them are Energy Star certified, they also have some minor differences. In this case, the YXV series is arguably a little bit above then the YXT series.

YXV series are variable-speed air conditioners, while YXT series are two-staged air conditioners. YXV series record the SEER rating of 20, while YXT records the SEER rating of 19. However, both of them are well known as the best two products of York Central AC in the market.

York Air Conditioner Prices By Model

Speaking of price, each category has different price tag. The Affinity series as the best AC unit performance are on the top of the price list, followed by the LX Advanced series then LX Economy series. The pricing is divided into two; the price for its unit only and the price if you include the unit installation cost. It is always suggested to include the unit installation cost if you are not professional on this field.

York LX Economy YCE and YFE, Just like it was mentioned before, these two products are the best option if you go for the basic AC unit performance. These two single-staged air conditioners product record the SEER rating of 14 and are not Energy Star certified. Therefore, the price for the units only is $1.250 and will raise to not more than $3.370 when you include the unit installation cost.

York LX Advanced YCG, Talking about price for the better AC unit performance, it is fair to say that this York LX YCG series is the most recommended in the category. Although this unit is a single-staged air conditioner, York LX YCG series is Energy Star certified with 17 SEER rating. For the unit only, the price is $1.650, while it will become $3.970 when you include the unit installation cost.

York Affinity CZH, The Affinity YXV and YXT series might be the best two of York Central AC products, but in term of price, this Affinity CZH series is arguably a bargain. Provide the similar unique features, this two-staged air conditioner records 18 SEER rating and is already Energy Star certified.

The price for this unit only is $2.250 and it will raise up to $4.580 when you include the unit installation cost. The price might looks high but believe it or not it still as not as high as the Affinity YXV and YXT series.

York AC Prices By Unit Size

Just like it was mentioned at the beginning, your house size will determine the size of air conditioner you need in your house. Too much power for a small house or too little power for a big house will never be efficient. Therefore, here are some guides to decide the proper air conditioner size for your house.

If you live in a house with 600 to 1.000 square feet range, 1,5 ton AC unit will do the job for you. The price for its unit only is $1.095 and will become $3.195 after the unit installation cost added. If you live in a bigger house like 1.300 to 1.600 square feet, you will need a 2,5 ton AC unit. The unit price will be $1.470 and the unit installation cost is $3.770.

If your house is 1.900 to 2.200 square feet big, you will need a 3,5 ton AC unit. Its price will be $1.790 and it will raise to $4.150 when the unit installation cost is added. Then if you live in a house with 2.600 to 3.200 square feet range, all you need is an AC unit with 5 ton size. The price unit will be $2.360 and the unit installation cost is $4.850.